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What we’re about

We are a REAL community. We have a couple of fantastic full time members which help moderate and ensure events are focused on GIVING & Contributing. Lots of members create events, and we actually have 3 or so regular WEEKLY virtual events, and will have the occasional live event in Bali.

We have meetups in 10 cities so this means you can really meet some like minded people and if anyone is to selfish or annoying its easy for us to boot them out. Basically if you want a community that enjoys helping each other thrive, your in the right place!

How do we thrive? By having a lot of collaborative events such as:
* A weekly virtual workshop by a coaches/speakers/leaders on topics around spiritual, personal or professional development.
* A weekly virtual workshop by Valentine on using AI
* Monday Coaching Practice by Darko
* Wednesday Advanced Coaching & New Code NLP by Adrian

**We also host a yearly Coach and NLP training in Bali** (February 2024 is the next)

Do you want to create an event or be a part? Turn up a few times and reach out!

Some benefits to members:

- Make new friends. Help kick start your career. Especially if you are a free lancer or self employed.

- Looking for work? Numerous industry recruiters connected to the group.

- Strategies for adapting to life abroad.

- We have at least 5 members certified in the areas of Life, Executive, Productivity, Health Coaching.

- A range of meetups for developing Positive Psychology.

- Learn and practice methods of Advanced Communications and healthier relationships.

- Mastermind groups, goal setting, personal development.

- Regular CashFlow 101, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Coaching Workshops.

Founded by Adrian in 2013,
Lead by Henar and Katy 2015-2016
Lead by Mila 2016-2017
Lead by Daria 2018-2019
Lead by Ben 2020-2021
Lead by Adrian, Darko & Estrelita 2021-2024
Extra thanks to Raquel, Yolanda, Fei, Janine, Alysia, Jay, Valentine
There are many more that have helped this grow and evolve over the years.
Unity through Community.

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