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What we’re about

The West Island Motorcycle Club is all about like minded riders socializing and riding safely as a group. All types of motorcycles are welcome. We plan 1, 2, 3 and more day rides. Single day rides are within Quebec, Ontario, New York and Vermont with longer rides taking us further from our home base.

Rides, generally, are about enjoying the route taken, which may also lead to interesting destinations. We avoid highways whenever possible.  We are very safety conscious and require all members to follow protocol : no drinking or cannabis while riding, staying in formation, and following the direction of the Road Captain and Tail Gunner. Our members are also expected to be polite and courteous to others, including starting rides with a full tank, tire pressure checked, being punctual, and looking out for each other's safety and enjoyment.  The WIMC is a great bunch of folks from all sorts of different origins coming together to share our passion for riding and make for an excellent group of friends. Each season we encourage members who are interested to captain one or two rides and to share their interests and discoveries with us in the process.

Learners are welcome and we usually rank rides according to difficulty level to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe. The Ride Captain has the discretion to limit riders to those he/she feels is ready for the ride level.

Interested motorcyclists may join the WIMC on facebook as a way to get to know the group and request to join in one ride before becoming a member. Facebook members who do not join on the WIMC meetup page and pay their club dues will be removed after 3 months.

Full details of rides and club information can only be found on  If you decide to join our club, please answer all questions in the "join us" form and upload a proper photo of yourself. Your membership will not depend on your negative answer about riding next to the learner. It is there simply for us to be able to plan the riding formation properly and safely and provide assistance if necessary. Once you have been accepted, you will be asked to complete the membership info form and will be provided with the club rules and protocols. Please respond promptly so that we know you are truly interested in joining. Those who join but do not provide a membership info form and then ignore messages will be removed after 10 days.

Please note that our annual dues are set at $75, payable upon joining and each year before April 1st. Your application means that you are aware of and accept to pay these dues. All club funds are used for the benefit of club members, as detailed at our annual meetings. Welcome to our club!