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What we’re about

Are you interested in motorcycles? Do you own or are you looking to purchase a motorcycle? Motovoyagers Las Vegas is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, not just actual riders. Whether you are a seasoned rider, new to riding or maybe just want to be a passenger, we encourage you to be a part of Motovoyagers. Learn about motorcycle safety, riding techniques and riding in and preparing for the elements. Explore new and exciting places to travel, how to repair your own motorcycle and meet new people. If this sounds interesting, this group is for you.

Seminars, podcasts and workshops will cover many topics including choosing the right equipment, riding styles and general motorcycle maintenance just to name a few. Rides are conducted both midweek and most weekends. Multi-day trips will include special events, motorcycle camping and exploring new venues in neighboring states. All brand and styles are welcome.

All Motovoyagers are encouraged to share their experiences, knowledge and favorite places to ride. Become a part of this growing community worldwide. Become a Motovoyager.

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