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What we’re about

Are you living your bliss? Do you know what your bliss is? Are you tired of searching and not finding your path to your own personal bliss? Let's get together and discuss these topics and more. And while we're doing that, surround ourselves with other women who are living on a higher vibration and who can support one another's growth. We all deserve to live a life of bliss. Let's support each other in doing that by building a community of like-minded women.  

In this group we hope to meet at least once a month for conversation, fun, and expansion.  We will have speakers each month to give a talk on related topics.  Some of the topics we will cover would include: Balance your chakras through the use of color, explore the different forms of meditation, empowering the feminine through Tantra, opening the doors to your innate creativity and self-esteem, finding your soul's deepest desire through numerology,  balancing energies with crystals, and expression of the feminine through dance.   Do you have something you want to share about how you've reached your own bliss?  Let us know and maybe you could give a talk.  We're looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing our journey.

With love,

Moneeka and Hemla