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What we’re about

Although March 20th of every year since 2012 has been declared the International Day of Happiness, the US has dropped from 4th to 18th. More and more of us have experienced a lesser levels of happiness with a declining experience of our quality of life.

My purpose of this group is to foster effective tools to decrease stress in our hectic lives, still achieve our goals in life while improving the quality of our lives with ourselves, our friends and family.  So the focus of this group is to foster our own self improvement because life starts with you (or me) as an individual.  From here we affect those around us and can create a better or worse life for self and others.

While my training has been in psychology, my professional path gravitated to chiropractic and the healing of people's  bodies.  Still, my roots in self and spiritual awareness has never left me.  As  full disclosure, while this group is not officially connected to Scientology, I am a Scientologist and enjoy immensely the spiritual technology it offers me.  I have found it's logical approach to life helpful to all those around me.  

I only add this because there has been so much confusion about Scientology.  While Scientology is the fastest growing religion in modern times, it's also the most mis-understood.  So why myself and so many other successful, intelligent, professionals become Scientologists?  It's because it's technology of life is practical and solves many of life's problems. One does not have to "convert" to use Scientology.  It's for anyone.  I'm not "preaching" Scientology here and don't intend to.  

I'll be sharing any and all tools I have to help others.  There's now even a Scientology TV station.  Check it out if you're curious.  If anything, chances are that whatever you think Scientology is, is mis-understood.  Go to

So enough about that caveat, let's get on with tools to improve my and your life!

Dr. Harry Wong (Doc Wong)