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Come see Maid in Malacanang at 3:25PM Sunday, August 21, 2022 in the Orleans theatre on the second floor at the northwest corner of Trop and Arville. We'll be there at 3:00PM - look for the bald guy in the lobby - do not expect me to approach you, because that will not happen. You must approach me and I'm not hard to find. Optional meeting after the show to socialize at TGI Fridays on the first floor. Ticket prices are $9.50 but they are luxury seats.

Maid in Malacañang is a dramedy film that gives us a glimpse of the last 72 hours of the Marcoses inside their Philippines Palace before fleeing to Hawaii during the 1986 People Power Revolution – a story shared through the eyes of a “reliable source.” The film will show us the lighter and more carefree side of the First Family, that until now has never been shared with anyone. It will also introduce characters and storylines that make the First Family more relatable and normal, like other Filipino households with close family ties. It is the quintessential Filipino family sticking together, braving all odds. The movie is subtitled in English.

Game Of Thrones : HOUSE OF THE DRAGON screening

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Its time to get back on the Iron Throne with a BRAND NEW Game Of Thrones series , HOUSE OF THE DRAGON premiers Sunday August 21st and just like the original series , we will be screening every episode live as it airs , but this time its bigger. We have TWO locations here at the Orleans Square to watch from , the newly open Square Bar and Sista Kim's Kitchen, after , I will be hosting an aftershow live on our Youtube channels that you are all welcome to be present for

Fire and Blood!!

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House Of The Dragon LIVE Post Show

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By the time we hit the air, the long 1.190 day wait will haven ended and we will have begun a whole new era of thrones , join us Live just after the conclusion of episode one of House Of The Dragon

LIVE from the very location we will be watching the episode , I want you guys to hang out , be part of the show , and even after we are off the air, Ill be on hand to talk even further about episode one and Game Of Thrones in general!!

SFDF Presents The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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The LIVE cast of Science Fiction Double Feature is back on in front of the screen for our August show , this time it will be inside Core Contemporary Gallery's spacious performance area, come dressed up, bring us your virgins and we will see you at the show!!



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