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About the Silver Spring Film Club - Movie Nightcap

Watching movies is fun. Exhaustive research we’ve conducted shows that watching movies with friends is 4.87% ABV times more fun. The best part about movies, however, is talking about them. Movies can be exciting, infuriating, thought provoking, or even solve global crises.

Our group is for movie fans interested in checking out independent, classic, foreign, and vintage blockbuster movies, and at times discussing the movie afterword. Come join us!

Why Silver Spring?

First of all, why not? Second, the AFI Silver Theater, located in downtown Silver Spring, is the best theater in the universe, ever, ever. They offer a great selection of the types of films mentioned above (and beer!). We check out a lot of movies at the AFI Silver Theater.

Although we’re based in Silver Spring and are head-over-heels for the AFI, we are open to seeing films at the Regal Majestic 20 in Silver Spring, one of the independent theaters in DC, and even outdoor screenings during the warmer months. Just let us know what screenings you are interested in. We don’t discriminate. (Except against snakes. Snakes are not invited, and their opinions are unwelcome.

Come see a movie with us, and join us afterwards to chat about it. We may have some food or drinks and a heated yet friendly discussion after the movie.

How It Works

We have meetups about once a month, so check back often. Chances are, we will be seeing one of your favorite movies, or one you’ve always been meaning to see. Occasionally, we’ll see a movie that none of your friends would be willing to see. After you RSVP for the event, you can buy your tickets either online on the AFI Silver's website (http://www.afi.com/silver/), or at the AFI box office. Before the movie we gather as a group, at the AFI Cafe inside the lobby, so newcomers can meet everyone and old friends can chat.


A brief word about RSVPing for an event- If you RSVPed, and discover that you can't make it to the meetup…. No problem!

But PLEASE change your RSVP to "no" so we as organizers are not waiting for you to show up to the theater. (The AFI staff is tired of seeing us crying and playing the Charlie Brown Theme in the lobby.)

If this becomes an issue repeat offenders may be removed from the group. (Also, it will go on your permanent record.)

And please don't show up to the meetup without RSVPing. We want to be able to find each other at the theater!

About the Organizers

Nate, and Abe are two regular gentlemen (we use this term loosely) who share a love of movies, beer, and good-natured trash talking. They have combined forces (undecided as of yet whether for good or evil) on a podcast called Movie Nightcap during which they talk about a movie they have just watched. Their involvement in this group comes from their passion for the unique experience movies offer when people watch them together, have a beverage, and chat. These are the same reasons the podcast, Movie Nightcap, was created. If you are interested in checking out the podcast you can find it on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/movie-nightcap/id907240490?mt=2]iTunes[/url), Stitcher (http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/movie-nightcap), and Poddirectory (http://poddirectory.com/podcast/13361/movie-nightcap).

Ideas, Questions, Feedback

Please feel free to message any of the organizers with your ideas, suggestions, and feedback. We are always happy to hear from you. As new group organizers, we are learning on the job. Thank you for your interest and your patience as this group develops. (But be gentle.)

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