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What we’re about


I'm Josh and was a member of this film group when it first started back in 2013, before the days of Nate and Abe.

This original group was something really special back in those halcyon days. It provided me with a positive outlet to connect with other people, discuss movies, and sometimes share a meal. The group gave me so much back then; during a time when I really needed it.

I'd like to thank Nate and Abe for being good stewards of this group for the last few years.

Recently, I noticed that this group was without an organizer and would become defunct if no one claimed it.

I mulled over becoming the organizer for about two weeks.

This group means too much to me to just let it fade into the void.

With two days left on the clock I claimed it.

Now it lives on for the time being.

I hope you will share this meetup journey with me and together we can rekindle some of the magic, meaning, and positivity that I know I've found through cinema and through this group.