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Quick Intro:

Love movies but don't want to go alone?We  see movies mostly in Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties. We socialize over munchies and drinks before and/or after the movie and have occasional non-movie events. Events are open to adult walk-ins and adult guests. Guests bringing minors need prior permission from the events' hosts. Click here for ->FAQ

 To be a member:

By requesting to join the Movie Group; you are agreeing to carefully read the following and decide if this group is right for you and that you are agreeing to:

  • Read and abide our conditions for membership (aka "The Five and a Half Rules")
  • Answer the profile questions (especially the one that asks if you have read this)
  • Stay in active status by visiting every two(2) to four(4) months.

Conditions to be a member (a.k.a The 5 1/2 Rules):
The Fans' welfare is our first priority. We are bringing strangers together in relatively close quarters. Trustworthiness is very important. For everyone's well being; that when you request to join, you are agreeing to abide the following conditions:
1)  Post a recognizable facial close-up as your Main Photo in your Movie Group profile, unless you ask the Organizer for a waiver.   The more recognizable your face, the better. There are times people request to join this group and post "Yes" that they agree to these conditions. But they didn't post a photo - which could mean they didn't read our conditions to be a member but said "yes" they did, anyway.
2)  NoShows are taken very seriously.  We try to wait for everyone before we take seats- "No Fan left behind". When Life happens please give us a heads-up that you can't make it to the event. It's a serious drag to wait for someone that isn't showing up.
3)  Timely respond if we are trying resolve an issue with you. We want to be fair and get your side of the story. You might want to set your profile to allow emails from the Organizer.
4) To be courteous and respectful to the Group, to other Fans, to the audience and at the other people where we have events
"Please don't spoil the movie".  Please do not use inappropriate content in your postings or emails. Please do not unnecessarily antagonize anyone.
5) Please keep your postings to the site within the spirit of the Group's purpose. Please don't use us for free advertising.
**5.5 )**Last, but not least,  If you have questions or requests: ask. That is what we are here for!

Event Planning
The Hosting Team, Guests Hosts, and Volunteer Hosts plan meetup events take into consideration:

  • What's coming out with good buzz.
    Requests from Fans' requests.
    What's do-able for the Hosts' schedules.

Meeting Up
We meet at designated spots at the different theaters. For consistency, the meeting spots that are usually on the left, as you walk in. We try to wait for our 'Yes' respondents to arrive, then we take our seats.

 Go to the link on the Site that says "Photos". There is a photo album called "Our Meetup Spots"
We've posted photos of where we meet at most of the theaters we go to.

After the show, and sometimes before, we decide on a nearby location for our 'After-Movie Social Hour'. It's usually dinner, coffee, drinks or desert.

Thanks for reading this through and, as I said earlier, every Fan can come to the Organizer or the Superbly Awesome Assistant Organizers with questions, requests or concerns.
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