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Quick Intro:

Do you love movies? Are you looking for people to go with you to the movies because you don't want to go alone?

That is what this Group is about!

We post events to see movies at pre-selected theaters and showtimes. We also socialize over munchies and drinks before and/or after the movie. And, we occasionally do non-movie events. We usually see movies at Pinellas and Hillsborough County theaters.

Fun Facts:

• This is the 18th oldest Meetup Group within a 25 mile radius.

• The first known couple to meet in a Meetup Group and became married met in this group.

• This is one of the very few Meetup Groups that do not charge a membership fee.

Becoming a Member:

We put everything we could think of about being a Fan right here on this page. If you request to join us (AWESOME!) we presume that you read this page through and decided for yourself that this group is the right fit for you.


We are open to all members of Meetup.com, regardless of age, faith, social and status. Our events are open to adult walk-ins and adult guests. Guests that are minors require prior permission from the events' hosts.

Although Meetup.com charges Organizers a maintenance fee for this Group to exist, the Organizer does not currently pass this cost on to the membership.

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Your Responsibilities:

By submitting a Request to Join, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to read and understand the Five and a Half Rules below and then to decide for yourself whether you are willing to abide by these Rules and are willing to accept how we organize and this group.

Answering the profile questions - especially the one that asks you whether you read the Five and a Half Rules

Posting a recognizable facial close-up as the main photo on your Movie Meetup profile. This helps us find one another at events.


Since we cannot create the ubiquitous "I Agree to the Terms of Service" on our site, we post our Rules and one of the five questions that we ask, when you submit a Request To Join, is whether you read the Rules.

Why rules? Well... The things we do are time, space, and security sensitive. We are bringing strangers together to sit next to each other in a darkened auditorium. They were developed to prevent NoShows, trolls, spammers, etc. to ruin it for everyone else.


Again, it is the Fans' responsibility to review these rules and decide for themselves that they agree to comply before submitting a Request To Join.

RULE 1: Membership requires recognizable facial close-up posted as the Main Photo in your Movie Group profile, unless ok'd by the Organizer. This is for security purposes and we use these photos from the event page to help us find you at events. The more recognizable your face, the better.

RULE 2: NoShows are taken very seriously. Our events are time and seating sensitive. As a group, we try to wait for everyone before we take seats. "No Fan left behind". We understand Life happens. Please give us a heads-up that The Unexpected is going to prevent you from making it to the event. If you can't reach us before the event, please contact us as soon as you can. We also reach out to NoShows with Meetup messages. Unresolved NoShows can regrettably lead to removal if attempts to make contact are disregarded. (See RULE: 3)

RULE 3: A timely response is needed if we are trying to contact you directly concerning some issue. We consider this the most important rule because any issue could be resolved by dialogue. We want to be fair and get your side of the story. We cannot help you if you are not responding to us.

RULE 4: We all to need all Fans to be courteous and respectful to the Group, to other Fans, to the rest of the movie audience and to the people with whom we do business
Please be mindful of other members in the audience. No one wants a confrontation. Please do not use rude, disparaging, or other commentary inappropriate for a family or professional setting in your postings or emails. Please do not unnecessarily antagonize the staff at our venues.

RULE 5: Please keep all postings on the site within the spirit of the Group's purpose. The Organizer gladly pays the Meetup maintenance fees out of his own pocket so you don't have to. Please no advertising the unrelated personal causes of others.

RULE 5.5 :
Last, but not least, Puh-leeze! if you have questions or requests, ask. That is what we are here for!

See these rules aren't so bad. Are they?

Event Planning
I work with my Superbly Awesome Assistant Organizers ( or "S.A.A.O.s") and volunteer Hosts on deciding what to schedule. We take into consideration:

What's coming out with good buzz.

Fans' requests (message board,emails,word-of-mouth).

What's do-able for the Hosts' schedules.

Meeting Up

We meet at a designated spots at the different theaters. For consistency, the meeting spots that are usually on the left, as you walk in. We try to wait for our 'Yes' respondents, then we take our seats.

Go to: Our Meetup Spots (

Go to the link on the Site that says "Photos". There is a photo album called"Our Meetup Spots" (http://movies.meetup.com/304/photos/?photoAlbumId=158466&photoId=1997493)
We've posted photos of where we meet at most of the theaters we go to.

After the show, and sometimes before, we decide on a nearby location for our 'After-Movie Social Hour'. It's usually dinner, coffee, drinks or desert.

Thanks for reading this through and, as I said earlier, every Fan can come to the Organizer or the Superbly Awesome Assistant Organizers with questions, requests or concerns.

At Your Service,
Founding Organizer

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