What we're about

We will watching movies and then going somewhere to eat after for a discussion. I believe its always better to see movie with other people even if you dont agree on quality.

The types of movie that we will watch will vary. Some will be very commercial, others will be independent, and occasionally we may watch some clssic films as well.

At the discussions, we will determine...
Would you recommend the film... Why or Why not?

What would have made the film better?

Mostly the group will be focused on the discussion. Along the way, I hope that people will discover some new friends to watch movies with.

Upcoming events (1)

Magic Mike's Last Dance

AMC Mesa Grand 14

Magic Mike is back for one last show, or ride, or movie in Magic Mike's Last Dance. We will see it Saturday night February 11 at AMC Mesa. We will let you know what time we are going on Saturday night.

Channing Tatum plays Mike one more time, but he's not dancing? Will he regain his mojo, his passion and make audiences scream. Oh course, you know the answer.

Here is the trailer
Magic Mike's Last Dance

I will let you know where I am sitting and then will meet after for food and discussion.

We will see you February 11th at AMC Mesa for Magic Mike's Last Dance.


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Knock at the Cabin

AMC Mesa Grand 14