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What we’re about

If you struggle with any kind of shyness or anxiety, we think this group would be a good fit for you. Moving Beyond Anxiety group is made up of people just like you who are working together to improve themselves while supporting and helping each other. So if you are someone who suffers with low or high levels of anxiety or shyness, we want to help you. Our group focuses on helping individuals move beyond their anxiety and shyness. We try to do this in a fun and energetic way, such as practicing building on all types of social skills, building self-confidence, and lessening our overall anxiety. Often people with anxiety and shyness feel they have little to offer others; this is not true. When you join our group, you will quickly see just how important you actually are to us and others. So take a chance, join our group, come visit us, and have some fun.

Some of the events that will be coming up soon: kayaking, paintball, bowling, movies, hiking, biking, horseback riding and more. Look for the times and dates of these events to be listed on this site each week.