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Beaver Creek Wetlands Winter Series: Oakes Quarry Park
Hike the Beaver Creek Wetlands Series - Oakes Quarry Park (Can't make this date? This hike is duplicated with Dayton Hikers on Sun, 18 Nov) The wetlands are beautiful places in fall and winter. So let's get outside and visit the reserves of the Beaver Creek Wetlands. These places are very important to me and I love to visit them. This will be a discovery hike. Pace will be slow as we will stop frequently to look, take pictures and talk about features of this reserve. In this series, we will visit all 11 reserves of the Beaver Creek Wetlands. ABOUT: Oakes Quarry This site was originally surface mined in 1929 for limestone to make cement by Southwestern Portland Cement Company and Southdown Inc., before being sold to the Oakes family in the 1990's. The family donated the land to the City of Fairborn in 2003. Oakes Quarry Park is the second largest park in Fairborn. The park includes foot trails and horseback trails that cross ancient limestone fossils exposed by the mining activity that formed the quarry. Conservation work here is developing prairies and wetlands once common in the area and the northern edge is nice woodland. WHAT TO SEE: The hiking trail takes you back in time 440 million years, when all of this was a coral reef in a shallow sea. Researchers from the Ohio State University say these Silurian Age crinoid fossils are the best in the U.S. and represent an exceptional site worldwide. More recently, glaciers left grooves, slides and polishings in the rock before the last ice age ended 14,000 years ago. Look for woodland and grassland birds along with white-tailed deer, cottontail, red fox, coyote, raccoon and red-tailed hawk. TRAIL LENGTH: About 3.0 miles DIFFICULTY: Easy to moderate, mostly hard surface and mulch AMENITIES: 190 acres with parking, hiking & horseback trails, fishing, portable restrooms. EXTRAS: Bring camera and binoculars. About the Beaver Creek Wetlands: The Beaver Creek Wetlands encompass over 2000 acres along the Beaver Creek and Little Beaver Creek watershed. The Beaver Creek Wetlands were preserved through a community partnership that encourages the restoration of wetland and traditional upland habitats, such as forests and prairies. The wetlands are managed by the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association, a non-profit land trust that promotes the use of these protected areas for education, research and recreation. LINKS: Oakes Quarry Park Pet Policy: Please leave pets at home. Thanks!

Oakes Quarry Park

1267 East Xenia Drive · Fairborn, OH

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