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Welcome to the group that paddles Ohio‘s, rivers and creeks. If you enjoy paddling moving water (and some lakes too), this is the group for you! Keep in mind that paddling in moving water involves more inherent risk than paddling still water. Because of this, some paddles may not be appropriate for new or beginner paddlers. You must read and accept our release of liability prior to joining or attending any event. Now, lets go paddling!

Release of Liability Waiver: https://www.meetup.com/movingwater/pages/14230452/ACCIDENT_WAIVER_AND_RELEASE_OF_LIABILITY/

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Kings Powder Company Mystery Stroll

Munitions Factory Bike Path Parking

Here is a view of what it looked like over 100 years ago.. The buildings have changed due to a explosion before 1900 ... the Steam Train Railroad lines are now part of the Little Miami River Bike Trail... Some of the Telegraph poles remain in the woods from the bye gone era of the Railroad days... We will be heading northward on this Mystery Stroll thru the Past .. we will hike both on the trail and off the trail and you will see parts of buildings that were built before 1880 that remain and you can imagine on how they looked over 100 years ago.. we will also travel down the hidden Wye section that the Little Miami bike trail does not follow .. see the railroad ties still in place... and some rail joiners and rail tie plates... along with some telegraph poles with shiny insulators still on the poles and/or on the ground... Latest information reveals some hidden unused rails still bundled along the side... on the grade... Beside being missed by the bike trail the grade remains still intact..with a few trees and bushes growing up thru it.. Then I will show you the Original steam train bridge that goes across the river ... and you can walk on this wonder from over 100 years and still standing and in good shape !! Along the way ... you will see Trestle pilings for a light rail cart cars that crosses the river, Coal, Old Building foundations, Small Rails for mining/hopper carts.. as well as the old dam that used to cross the river... and a whole lot more... This fun filled historical adventure will take you back in time to the Middle to late 1800's .. if this sounds a mystery to you... come join me for this adventure Hike rating- Easy to Easy to Moderate... just a few very small hills Hike adventure rating - Extremely Fun ! Hike time- 1-2 hours... or 2-3 hours if weather is nice This hike will be Cancelled and repeated if it Rains, snows, Deep Snow pack on the ground, or its below 28 F for highs...

Countryside YMCA Roll Lessons / Practice (note time change this week only)

Demo video link https://youtu.be/Xo7jiBI8JaQ Bill is back!!!! He and his crew are teaching rolling to up to 6 new students each week. New students pay $75 for the first session only. You learn using his equipment. After that, each session is $10, to cover the YMCA fee. For those of you that have been trained to roll with Bill Cacciolfi, the Lebanon pool will be available for kayak roll practice. Please pay Kathy Peterson the fee of $10 before putting your clean boat in the pool no earlier than 2:00 pm. Please bring exact change. The pool deck must be cleared by 5:15.  PS. This meet up is just an FYI. Signing up here does NOT give you access. Fees collected when you arrive. Bring a clean boat. I suggest letting Bill know via email if you plan to attend practice, just so he knows what to expect. Show up with a clean boat (smaller boats are easier to accommodate per Ms. Peterson), and exactly $10.00. I am posting this to get the word out to your group. Here is Bill's notice re-posted at his request. New Paddlers must contact Bill to secure a new student slot. From Bill...... Hi. I’ll be opening up pool practice for roll lessons again on Sundays at 2:00 to 5:15. if your a river veteran come use the pool for $10 bring your equipment , new students are $75 I provide 2 boats to learn skirt paddle and the all important dive mask, if you have your own bring it , also bring your boat, I just use mine a a teacher boat. Please pass this notice to all Paddle Rec sites and clubs please to help spread the word, Thanks see you in the pool Bill Cacciolfi New World Expeditions 830 Xenia Ave Yellow Springs Ohio[masked] [masked] George Davis[masked] [masked]

Visit the Mound Science and Energy Museum (Mound Cold War Discovery Center)

Mound Cold War Discovery Center

The fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm the MSEMA will sponsor a presentation at the Mound Cold War Discovery Center. This is open to the public and is free of charge. Note: Volunteers serve free coffee and cookies. Please bring some $ for a donation amount of your choosing. This weeks topic: The Spy! Web site: https://moundmuseum.com/ Video: https://youtu.be/UxV6p5FoL3I Mound Laboratory and the Mound site, located at southern edge of Miamisburg, between Dayton and Cincinnati, in Southwestern Ohio, hold significant places in the history of the Nuclear Age and in the hearts and minds of the dedicated scientists and workers who labored there for more than 50 years. The people, the plant, their research and manufactured items were at the leading edge of the Nuclear Age in the United States. Mound built components went with NASA to the moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the sun reliably powering their instruments and keeping them at operational temperatures. They are still continuing in the same vein into interstellar space. The Mound Science and Energy Museum Association (MSEMA) is a non profit organization that was established to collect, preserve and make publicly accessible the heritage of the Mound Laboratory, its workers and its site. To that end, MSEMA has partnered with Dayton History to provide professionally designed enhanced displays that better educate visitors to the museum about the important work done at this site that helped win the Cold War. In honor of that effort the name has been changed to the Mound Cold War Discovery Center. In addition to the enhanced displays, there is a focus on educating the visitors on important related subjects like radiation. Operating hours have been expanded and admission is still free.

Beaver Creek Wildlife Area Hike - Beaver Creek Wetlands Winter Series

Hike the Beaver Creek Wetlands Winter Series - Beaver Creek Wildlife Area (Can't make this date? This hike is duplicated with Dayton Hikers on Sun, Mar 3) The wetlands are beautiful places in fall and winter. So let's get outside and visit the reserves of the Beaver Creek Wetlands. These places are very important to me and I love to visit them. This will be a discovery hike. Pace will not be fast as we will stop frequently to look, take pictures and talk about features of this reserve. In this series, we will visit all 11 reserves of the Beaver Creek Wetlands. LENGTH: About 2.0 miles DIFFICULTY: Flat with slight hills, but prepare for mud and water AMENITIES: 172 acres with parking, hiking trails, hunting and trapping in season, no restrooms EXTRAS: Bring water, camera and binoculars. ABOUT: Beaver Creek Wildlife Area This site was acquired with help from The Nature Conservancy in the late 1980s and is today owned and managed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife. In the 1990s Wright State University biologists built three experimental fens to study wetland restoration methods. A fourth wetland restored by the Division of Wildlife and the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association is now a beautiful forested wetland, with standing water 3-4 months of the year. A fifth restored wetland containing a shallow pond and a hillside fen was built to replace wetlands lost due to local development. WHAT TO SEE: Here nature lovers will find a large variety of natural features including swamp, marsh, fen, wet prairie, forest and upland prairie. Simple grassy trails take you to the edges of the marshes and fens. Sedge meadows, reedy meadows, tall-grass prairie, waterfowl, experimental wetlands, marsh with open water, ducks, geese, coots, herons, egrets, frogs, dragonflies and butterflies. About the Beaver Creek Wetlands: The Beaver Creek Wetlands encompass over 2000 acres along the Beaver Creek and Little Beaver Creek watershed. The Beaver Creek Wetlands were preserved through a community partnership that encourages the restoration of wetland and traditional upland habitats, such as forests and prairies. The wetlands are managed by the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association, a non-profit land trust that promotes the use of these protected areas for education, research and recreation. http://www.beavercreekwetlands.org Links Beaver Creek Wildlife Area http://beavercreekwetlands.org/maplocations-bcwildlifearea.html Pet Policy: Please leave pets at home. Thanks!

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Countryside YMCA Roll Lessons / Practice

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