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Hay gang, Spring is just around the corner. This is a post to remind everyone that boater registrations expire on March 1st. To learn more about alternative boat registrations, use the link below.

Your registration may expire on this date if your expiration year is 2017. Now is the time to check your boat and ensure your are legal prior to hitting the water. Do this early to avoid that nasty visit from our friends at the DNR. They seem to always catch a great number of boaters early in the year as this is something that is often forgotten until the day you are loading your boat for that first paddle of the season.

Again this is a reminder only and not a scheduled Ohio Paddlers event. You are on your own for this one :0)


Photo of - Paddling Ohio's Rivers, Creeks and Lakes! group - Paddling Ohio's Rivers, Creeks and Lakes!
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