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Are you waking up? Are you a parent of one of the New Children who are coming in now or a young adult just starting to find your way in the world? Are you already awakened and feel like meeting others like yourself? This group is for Starseeds, Indigos, parents of the New Children, and those who think they might be. It is a way to make it easier to find each other and help each other evolve spiritually. This is first and foremost a spiritual group concerned with the ascension and evolution of consciousness.

Do you know what your purpose is here? Helping starseeds discover their purpose is one of the topics we work on.

Past topics include spiritual discussion, how to live in the world as an Indigo/Starseed, stories about star visitors, and skywatches that include telepathic contact with Star Visitors.

Email the organizer if you have questions.

The intent is to create a safe space for Starseeds and humans of good intent to learn and evolve their spirits. The topics and activities we explore are interesting books, spiritual development, meditation, channeled information, our experiences as a Starseed, galactic history, different Star Races, watching spiritual movies, and what highly evolved Star Visitor civilizations are like.

We meet one Saturday a month at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community at 7 PM, and we meet occasionally at a coffee shop for weekend discussion.

What is a Starseed? A soul that has come from elsewhere in the universe can incarnate into a human body on Earth, and bring their star-identity with them. The second is the "upgraded human", that has undergone a genetic and spiritual upgrade through intervention by Star Visitors from other planets. The third, and not as common, has alien DNA and could also be thought of as a hybrid of Star Visitors and Humans.

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