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Minneapolis Starseeds is for the discerning Starseed who is ready to awaken and deprogram themselves from their earthly existence so they can extract themselves from the cultural programming matrix and expand into who they truly are and begin to serve their purpose. Between the founder of the group and the assistant, together we have over 110 years of experience available to you to learn from, so we are not joking when we say we are here to extract you from the matrix.

Unlike other Starseed groups, we understand what Starseeds are here for and what it takes for them to truly awaken to their purpose. Instead of fluffy platitudes, new age thoughts and channelings about Starseeds, we show you both the big picture context and the details to help you move from confused and awakening to clarity and personal power. We can promise you that your human/earthly belief system will be challenged as you are asked to step up to a higher level.

We believe that Starseeds can be one of the most powerful potentials on this planet, but only if they can truly awaken to wisdom and and understanding of the history of this planet and its people, and the Starseed role here at the present time.

What is a Starseed? A being that has come from elsewhere in the universe to incarnate into a human body on Earth, and bring their star-identity with them.

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