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What we’re about

Millennial Power Moms is a network for mom entrepreneurs with a millennial mindset. Our mission is to honor and empower entrepreneurs who are moms, moms who want to be entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to be moms. We offer training, mentoring, pitch competitions and social events for moms/future moms in the DC, MD, VA market. 

We envision a global community that champions entrepreneurship as a viable option for escaping a workforce that pays women less than men while treating motherhood like a burden. 

It's easy to get empowered, but it's challenging to STAY EMPOWERED! Especially, when you have children, a mate (maybe), and/or life to juggle. Adding entrepreneurship to what seems like an already taxing position creates a stress and need for community like no other! 

As a member of this group you:

Gain access to a "NO JUDGMENT ZONE."

Gain access to child-friendly events.

Find events that are for the sole purpose of making you laugh, encouraging you to meet people, eat (most times healthy) and to support a resilient spirit when life hits you with a monkey wrench.

Find events that allow you to be vulnerable and safe.

Find moms who are artsy, technical, left brained, right brained, cynical, sarcastic, kind, loving....YOU WILL FIND HUMANS looking to be HUMAN with other HUMANS! 

May or may not get a free gift at some point for being a member.

Gain access to mommy empowerment tools to keep you energized all year long.

Gain access to Podcasts, Pep Talks, Pep Rallies, tips to spice up your relationship, dating tips and outings you can bring your children to.

Find events that include play dates, networking, tips for hers, fun things for moms to do, Tarot readings, life coaching, meditations, yoga, essential oils and a focus on holistic wellness.