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We started meeting again after a pause! Our recent meetings have been in a small circle, but the topics are so fascinating that we really want to share our passion with you guys. It's still about Staying Current and Relevant in the Workplace, and valuable for job seekers as well as those employed and willing to stand out for professional growth and promotion.

Lately, our discussions have been around the below topics:

  • Communicating Your Value in a professional context. We talk about how we can, and should, position ourselves to show our value to the employer, colleagues, and customers. We are combining Talks and Workshops, so every meeting turns out both enlightening and engaging.
  • Most current Digital Trends, like:
    • No-Code/Low-Code tools and how you can use them for managing projects and organizing any sort of information,
    • Digital Transformation in Enterprise Environment,
    • Startup vs Enterprise - what these two should learn from each other.

The purpose of each meeting is to get one step closer to being more competent and competitive in the current job marketplace by sharing and discussing our best practices from our experience. By learning from Mr. Simon! ;)


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Learn Valuable Skills While Project-Managing Your Job Application Process

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You may not be a project manager by trade, but you manage projects even if you don't realize it. By learning to apply a solid project management approach to your job search and application activities, you will be that much closer to finding and landing your next great opportunity.

When organized properly, this framework can be set up quickly and provide clarity and structure. More than that - instead of being intimidated by the process, you will enjoy the feeling of being in control and perhaps even having some fun!

Try Mr. Simon's proven approach and see how it can put you in control of your job search. The approach consists of the following steps:

  1. Putting together Your Professional Portrait:
  • Intro Pitch
  • Job Titles
  • Resume Highlights
  • Key Qualifications
  1. Identifying typical Job Requirements with the BEST FIT
  2. Managing Job Applications Pipeline and Lifecycle
  3. Making a habit of regularly updating Your Toolbox

In parallel, you will learn and practice the basics of Project Management, Pipeline Management, and Project Coordination - the skills required for ANY job today.

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What's in Your Toolbox: Analyzing Your Professional Strengths

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