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What we’re about

All our games are free. This group is dedicated to Paizo Organized Play, featuring Pathfinder, Starfinder & Pathfinder 2nd Edition by Paizo Publishing.

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Just RSVP for a low-level game, show up and play!

The following are always helpful:

  • Dice
  • A mini or Lego minifigure for your character
  • Your character's character sheet

If you don't have any of these things, let your event host know. We have pregenerated characters we can provide you, and often can loan dice and minis when you are getting started. The best way to learn is just playing!

We are very beginner friendly.

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Midwest Pathfinder / Starfinder Discord
A great place to get advice for building your own character and talk to other people from this group. All the group's organizers are on here.

Basic Information about the Campaigns
Get Started with the Pathfinder Society
Get started with Starfinder Society

Official Guides to Organized Play
Pathfinder Second Edition Guide to Organized Play
Starfinder Society Guide to Organized Play

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The purpose is to coordinate, schedule and communicate events for Organized Play in Minnesota.

More specifically, our purpose is to:

  • Promote local interest in scheduled Organized Play events and home-games.
  • Build a community for local players of Paizo Role Playing Games.
  • Discuss rules, products, character concepts, Organized Play comments/concerns, and all things Pathfinder and Starfinder
  • To provide a central go-to location for new players.

Pathfinder Society is a style of “organized play” in which characters can be played at events across the globe. Characters are developed normally in stand-alone adventures taking around 4 hours of play time. Join thousands of fellow Pathfinders and Starfinders to “explore, report, and cooperate” and get to know your local players.

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Ask us on our Discord!

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