Xamarin For Beginners Part IV of IV: Introduction to Xamarin.Forms - Hands On


• What we'll do
Xamarin For Beginners Part IV of IV : Introduction to Xamarin.Forms

This is the fourth and final Hands-on Session out of 4 that will cover the basics of Developing cross-platform applications with Xamarin aimed at a beginner audience. Knowledge of C# would help a bit.

Xamarin.Forms let you define a single UI that you share across all your supported platforms. This maximizes your ability to share code: you can share your UI and your business logic. In this course, you will create a new Xamarin.Forms application and define your shared UI in code. You will also see how to access platform-specific features such as the phone dialer or camera that do not have a shared-programming model integrated into Xamarin.Forms.

• Speakers
Ben Ishiyama-Levy - Xamarin MVP
Pedro Costa – Xamarin Expert
Udara Alwis – Xamarin Expert

• Pre Requisites
Windows: https://developer.xamarin.com/guides/android/getting_started/installation/windows/#installation

• Source Code for exercices: https://github.com/XamarinUniversity/xam120/

• What to bring

• Important to know
Pizza at 18:30