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What we’re about

This is a group designed specifically for singles in the Middle Tennessee area who want to make new friends.  This will be a group where people can meet in person and get to know one another in a safe group setting.  This Meetup group was formed so local people with the same interests and goals can get together and have a good time. This is not a dating group or a "hookup" group. We are a group of people who happen to be single who want to meet and have fun as a group. Please be respectful at all times.  

Please note - 

We just want to let everyone know that if you RSVP to an event, please show up or un-RSVP at least 8 hours before the event begins.  We understand if something comes up at the last minute, it happens to all, but try to change your RSVP to “no”.  However, with that being said, if you RSVP to events and are a chronic "no show", We will consider removing you from the group. It comes back to being respectful.  We hate to do this, but a few events in the past have prompted this decision.  It is very difficult to schedule events where the venue needs an exact head count and then several people do not show up.  We want this to be a fun and exciting group. I have so enjoyed meeting new people this past year. Hope to see you all at the next events!

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