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What we’re about

This meet up group is for those who are OPEN to the world of Spirit. For those who are looking develop their psychic, super-powered strengths + God given intuitive abilities.

It Is my sincere intention that you will get exactly what you need by connecting with us whether for Spiritual Healing services, Multifaceted Message Readings, Intuitive guidance or nurturing Community Connections surrounded by like-minded, spiritually supportive friends.

Being a member of this meetup will assist you in having a better understanding of how the Spirit-world works with us and through us.

We are a beginner friendly community for those who are curious seeking answers about the Spirit-world or for those who are recently newly awakened on their spiritual path. Either way you are never alone.

The only prerequisites here are that you come to this group with an open heart full of Love and Light, be open-minded and willing to learn + be supportive and kind towards others.

I believe we are all each others teachers in this interesting adventure called life. Therefore cooperatively we are a beautiful TEAM of energy and Together Each Achieves More + we're all just walking each other home. ❤️

We invite you to join us.
Let's EVOLve and grow Spiritually, together!

Abundant Blessings,
The Multifaceted Medium®
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