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What we’re about

Passive income doesn't just happen. It takes a lot of up front effort including learning, networking, building a team, etc.
It's nearly impossible to be successful if you don't surround yourself with other successful people. Start building your team because your business absolutely depends on it!
So let's get together for some real estate networking! Right now we host meetups in Newton every month.
This is not your typical investor meetup. There are no pitches and no "Learn how to get RICH flipping houses" gimmicks. In fact, we won't talk about house flipping at all because it isn't "passive income."
We're focused on investing for passive income which can be from multifamily, storage units, office/retail, etc. If you're interested in the power of real estate to create steady, long-term cash-flow for you and your family, then come join us!
This group is for investors and the related fields. This may be a good group for you if:
• You're an investor looking to grow your network \

• You're a passive investor looking for deal sponsors \

• You're in a related field (insurance, lending, etc) \

• You have no experience at all and just looking to learn
We look forward to seeing you at our next event!