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What we’re about

This group is about networking within entrepreneurs of Mumbai. A huge opportunity exists today by sharing of expertise. Mumbai has been known to be a city of dreams. If you have a dream this is a place to look out for people who can connect with you to help you realize that dream.


The aim of the meetup group "Mumbai Entrepreneurs" is for fellow entrepreneurs to get together, inspire each other, share knowledge, give advice, encourage and discuss.

We all have had many brilliant ideas but did not get around to execute them, we all want to start a business but don't know where to start, but we know that we are not alone, so here we are as a forum at Mumbai Entrepreneurs.

Some of us are successful entrepreneur and want to meet like-minded people, share your knowledge and support others to get started. So here we are at Mumbai Entrepreneurs.

No matter what the motivation is, or you want to be your own boss. The idea is to meet up and share!

Why was the group created:

I have had a decent run in my profession. But somewhere down the line I wanted to create something. I have been into 2 entrepreneur ventures failed in one and done a decent job at next. I realised at many times I had reinvented the wheel. A pat or advice from fellow travelers would have eased things up. My purpose here is to collaborate and come up with that one brilliant idea that becomes the cornerstone of my life The search is on.

What we are not:

Our primary objective is not to create a marketplace for Entrepreneurs to sell each other products or services but to provide a each other with useful information that will allow all of us to grow in our prospective fields. However, we do encourage trades and transactions that are a common result of such a community.

I am reminded of an advertisement on television - "Baat Karoge to Baat Banegi"