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Change Your Mind & Your Life - Meditation Introductory Seminar
How Can We Change Our Mind? Welcome to our Mumbai Meditation 1hr Free Introductory Seminar! Human mind is false and incomplete because human takes pictures of the lived life and store them in the brain. Stress, Pain and burden comes from the numerous thoughts from the pictures of the life i lived. As the life that we lived is nothing but a picture in the mind, if we discard it, it disappears. Because it is false. Our method is about throwing away the lived life and thoughts. If we discard the lived life and thoughts, the mind goes back to the origin. If he be reborn as the origin, human never die, and reach human completion and can know all the principles of the world by himself. The most important thing to human is to live. Every human who dies just disappears. If i just disappear there is no meaning or value of the existence. But if human go back to the origin he lives to the age of the universe. So that is why this method is causing a sensation. The center is always open to fully support the people who wants to meditate. Feel free to come to the free introduction :) Monday to Sunday we are open from 8AM to 10PM Anyday you can attend the 1hr free seminar at 11AM, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM, 7PM Monday to Sunday CALL US[masked] **You can RSVP for other dates at our website as well: Please visit our facebook page too ^^

Mumbai Meditation Centre

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Hello. Glad to introduce about Mumbai Meditation. Our Meditation method is a method throwing away the false mind so then only the true mind remains.

This meditation is throwing away the human mind which is stress and pain. By throwing away human mind, my mind changes to infinite universe mind and thus be reborn as the body and mind of the universe. If you are reborn as the Universe you will eternally never die. By universe mind you get a fundamental solution to life.

We always have a free introduction for everyone. Anyday Mon to Sun you can come at 1PM and 6PM for 1 hour Free Introductory Seminar.

The human mind is a picture that man has taken of the world, and his self lives inside that picture. Therefore, if you get rid of that world of pictures,
you become the Universe Mind. It is necessary to be born as the Truth which is the body and mind of the universe in order to live eternally.

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