• A Case For Outside-In Design presented by Sandro Mancuso (Codurance)

    For a few decades, one of the most common approaches to software design is to first focus on the domain model (application layer), then persistence (data layer) and finally the user interface (presentation layer). But what are the pros and cons of this approach? Are there other alternatives? Are they viable? In this presentation, Sandro will be talking about different design biases and the impact they have. He will then focus on Outside-In Design, explaining how our domain model can emerge and evolve when driven by the needs of external systems or users, avoiding speculation and wasted effort. Sandro Mancuso is a rarer but extremly thoughtful and inspiring speaker. Do not miss his talk.

  • Example Mapping meets Global Day of Coderetreat 2019

    Austin Fraser GmbH

    On Saturday, November 16th, 2019, thousands of developers all over the globe will honor their craft, share knowledge, and practice by “playing our instruments behind the scenes” to learn from each other. All events around the world and coordinated at site https://www.coderetreat.org. This year we celebrate the 10nth anniversary of Global Day of Code Retreat. We do so taking a non-traditional kata (yes, no game-of-life this year) and practicing the technique of Example Mapping during the first session which gives us the foundation for the whole day. As nicely explained on site http://jscoderetreat.com/, a code retreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. This FREE event gives the opportunity to learn and to practice BDD, ATDD, TDD, Clean Code, and Refactoring. This isn’t a conference! Rules are totally different, attendees take actively part in the coding experience: act a lot, listen very little. All levels of coding experience are welcome. Our local event is hosted and sponsored by Austin Fraser GmbH with their very nice location at Stachus in the heart of Munich, https://www.austinfraser.com/de/ Preparation A Coderetreat is meant to be a safe space to learn and explore. We will work in pairs on katas so if possible, bring your laptop with a running IDE, unit test and mocking framework in the programming language of your choice. Also, an installed version control system like Git is recommended. Agenda We will open the doors at 8:30 am and offer a little breakfast until we will start the program at 9:00 am. Lunch, coffee and beverages will be provided, so you will be able to concentrate on coding the whole day. We will have three sessions in the morning and three sessions after lunch. The official program will end between about 5:00 and 6:00 pm. Code of Conduct All attendees are required to agree with our code of conduct (https://communitycodeofconduct.com/). We expect cooperation from everyone to help ensure a safe environment for everybody, and organizers will enforce it if necessary. Should you need help, organizers will be available for contact throughout the event. Be there or be square!