• Chicago Ave. Fire Arts Center Open (Hot)House - Free Event

    Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center

    If you were with us at the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center tour recently you know it's a pretty cool place. I've been anxiously awaiting information on the Open (Hot) House so I could get it posted. There are a lot of really neat activities and things to see. This is more of an information notice than an organized event. So feel free to do your own thing, bring as many friends as you want, just come and enjoy. This is a good opportunity to see fire arts artist in action and do some creative activities as well. The one suggestion I have is to come early just to get a parking place close by. iNFO ON THE EVENT It's our favorite, fiery, twice-a-year event and you're invited! Open (Hot)House is about celebrating the student work from our latest round of classes and kicking off a new show in our Chicago Avenue gallery. It's a chance for CAFAC to share our love of fire and for you to meet and mingle with artists, makers, colleagues, and connectors in our vibrant community arts scene. At our September Open (Hot)House you'll be able to: Watch as our instructors use heat, spark, and flame to make art during demonstrations of blacksmithing, flameworking, neon, precious metal clay, and repoussé. Enjoy a showcase of recent student work to see how both absolute beginners and continuing learners use the unique resources at CAFAC. Stamp a message into metal at our popular stamping station, led by long-time shop Stoker Adam Brusic. Snap a selfie at our new Ring of Fire photo frame, fabricated by shop Stoker Heidi Grostephan. Be awed by blazing feats of fire performance, as the fire performers from Fire Jam show off their skills after the sun goes down. Check out "Unaccepted", our latest gallery exhibit showcasing works that have been rejected by other venues and the narrative from the artists perspective. We asked artists to submit their “unaccepted” pieces, share the stories behind their creation and rejection, and join as a community of “failed” attempts to consider what it all means. It promises to be our most eclectic and diverse exhibit yet! Featured artists include: James Burpee, Joli Grostephan-Brancato, Kelly Brazil, Rebecca David, Julia Jenkins, Stephanie Lenertz, Jim Marion Foreman, Thomas Payne, Nora Rickey, Carol Warner, Jill Waterhouse, and Alan Wiltgen. This casual, fun event includes snacks, refreshments, and is open to everyone! Posted: 9/13/2019


    Big Stone Mini-Golf & Sculpture Garden

    It's time for our annual pilgrimage to one of our groups favorite and most fun places to visit. Even if you've been there before, It's always exciting and if you've never been there, don't miss it, because it won't happen again until next year. We will have a tour of the sculptures with artist and owner Bruce Stillman plus his workshop where he creates his fabulous works of art. Bruce told me there are new sculptures and games, I can't wait to see them. Each different sculpture gardens has its own flavor and sculptures that make it special, each of them is wonderful and inspiring, but none of them have the wow factor that Big Stone Mini-Golf and Sculpture Garden has. It is a truly amazing place with sculptures that will have you saying wow probably more than you ever have before. I love kinetic sculptures, and there are a bunch of them. It's hard to believe that mini-golf and sculpture garden are even used in the same sentence, but I guarantee that you have never seen another place like this. Plan to be there by 12:45, so we can get started on our tour by 1:00. I suggest on allowing for at least two hours at the garden, there is that much to see, I'm not sure how long our tour will last, but you will probably want to look around on your own for a while afterward. Wear comfortable shoes. By all means, bring your camera, there are tons of images waiting to be taken. The cost for this tour is $5.00, CASH (to be collected there) and if you would like to try your hand at mini-golf, they ask $7.00, (paid separately). I suggest either coming early or playing after our tour. Did I mention the horses, goats, and chickens? Even the goats have a very interesting home and the chickens just wander around doing their own thing. If you happen to need some organic jams, they have that too. Since the garden is not easily accessible by bus or bike, if you can help out another member by providing a ride, I know it would be appreciated. There are probably a number of people that would like to carpool, so if you can provide a ride or would like to carpool, post your request in the comment section on this page and trade messages through Meetup messages. Remember not to post any personal information you don't want the world to see. All communications should be done by email or private message. The Garden is actually in Minnetrista From the East: Take 394 West to 15 West (10mi) into Downtown Mound. Turn Left on Commerce Blvd. Turn Right on County Road 110 ext. and look for the Big Stone signs. From the South: Go North on 41 to Highway 7 Take 44 to County Road 110 and turn left Drive for 1 mile and then turn right on 110 ext. From the West: 92 to the North side of St. Bonifacious. Take County Road 110 East Pass Galewoods Park. 1st Left at County Road 110 ext. If by chance, you get lost, call the Garden office at[masked] for help. I wouldn't be of any help at all. Look forward to a very fun afternoon. POSTED: 9/13/2019

  • .99 cent Preview,Rocky Horror Picture Show, (the play) at Park Square Theater

    Do the words," let's do the time warp again" make you want to get up and dance in the isles? Do you know who Brad and Janet are? Did you stand in long lines at the Uptown Theater in Minneapolis with people dressed in costumes waiting for the midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show? I did, at least six times way back in the late 70's. I guess that dates me, but even after all these years I still remember the words to the soundtrack of one of my all-time favorite movies. It was always so much fun going with a bunch of friends and enjoying the crowd as much as the movie. It started out as play before it became a cult classic movie. I'm very excited to be able to experience it again, trust me, it is an experience. For those of you who never experienced the Rocky Horror Picture Show, it is a kitschy, campy, sci-fi fantasy with Brad and Janet as they encounter Dr. Frank ’N’ Furter, a vamping, bisexual transvestite from another planet, backed by his band of singing and dancing Phantoms. Mixing rock ‘n’ roll with crazy dance numbers, sex, glitter and corsets, this is a party that’s sure to make you shiver with antici–pation! Sound a bit strange, well it is a little and may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you want to hear catchy tunes and see some big dance production numbers, you won't want to miss this. By the end of the evening, you will know what the Time Warp is. Getting to see this for .99 cents is a super good deal. I know there is going to be a very long line for this show, so I strongly suggest getting there at least an hour early, if not more. Bring a chair, bring a friend, and be prepared to wait. Good food is available at the Afro-Deli across from the theater. Each person can purchase up to 4 tickets, so if you can't get there early arrange to have someone purchase a ticket for you by posting a note comment section. This will sell out. SHOWTIME IS 7:30, DOORS OPEN ABOUT 45 MINUTES PRIOR TO SHOWTIME, If you want to guarantee a ticket, reserved tickets can be purchased for $10.00+tax, (correction) by calling the box office (651)[masked], the .99 cent tickets can not be reserved ahead of time. I will do my best to get there early, I can't promise that we can all sit together, but we can get together during intermission or afterward at one of the local establishments. It is possible to get some on-street parking along St. Peter or Wabasha, otherwise, the best bet is the lot on the corner of 6th and Wabasha. Posted: 9/1/20

  • Private Tour, Wings of the North Air Museum

    Wings of the North

    Our group in the past few years have visited three other air museums, but not this one, so I thought why not check this one out as well. I think it's interesting to learn the role these planes had in World War II history. It takes a great deal of dedication, time, skill and needless to say money to restore the planes to their original state. As with so many museums of this type, the work is done by volunteers. For this tour, we are getting special after-hours access, so we will have the museum to ourselves and to the volunteers, so we will be able to take our time and ask lots of questions. As usual, I'm sure we will have a lot of them. They ask a $13.00 admission for adults and $11.00 for seniors. As they asked, we will collect the payment from each person and will make one payment for the group. This includes $3.00 for Meetup expenses. Let's plan to meet between 3:15 and 3:30 at the museum entrance. We can have up to 50 people. The Wings of the North Air Museum currently houses three award-winning aircraft in addition to others. The award winners are a P-51D Mustang named Sierra Sue II that saw action in Europe during World War II, an AT-6 Texan, and a Boeing N2S-1 Stearman that was used for training at the MSP Naval Air Station during WWII and was flown by future President George Herbert Walker Bush. All the planes have been beautifully restored. In addition to our award-winning aircraft, the museum also has a TBM-3E Avenger, F4U-4 Corsair and many other aircraft that come and go throughout the year. The museum also features aircraft engines, an ejection seat, a WWII Jeep built by Ford, an AT-11 top turret, and other displays. The museum also houses our library of aviation and military books and videos that can be borrowed from the lending library. It looks like most if not all of the planes are inside, so even if it's a little cool outside it will be comfortable inside. Posted: 9/13/2019

  • A Very Special Evening-Private After hours Tour of TMORA's New Exhibit #2

    What a wonderful evening we had on our first tour. starting out with Russian cookies and tea and continuing on to our absolutely fantastic tour of the Village Costumes, Ukranian Textiles, I knew Marie's tour was going to be good, but I had no idea of how good. The stories and background information on the textiles was so interesting. We all learned so much, I hope I can remember half of it. I can honestly say, everyone left impressed. I was able to walk through the exhibit when they were setting up and a couple of times again and I can tell that as someone who can't sew a decent hem, this exhibit will leave you astounded at the skill and creativity that went into the items on display. As many of you know I have had a long relationship with The Museum of Russian Art (TMORA) both as a visitor and volunteer. Our group has seen many excellent exhibits led by some of the best docents around. They spend hours researching each exhibit and it shows every time we have a tour. The other thing I can say for sure is that our group is really liked by every docent and the staff, Because of that we are able to have this very special evening, the main focus will be on the textile exhibit, but the whole museum will be open. THREE NEW EXHIBITS will be on view on the main and upper level, INCLUDING A PHOTO EXHIBIT ON CHERNOBYL. This is not going to be an ordinary tour. The objects on display are drawn from the expansive folk art collection of Susan Johnson. Our tour will be led by Marie, who works for the Johnson's and helped with the installation of the exhibit. Her knowledge of this exhibit is extensive. She is always willing and able to answer questions. the evening will also be hosted by Michelle Massey, the museum's Events director. Besides the tour, we will be treated to Russian tea and treats. Because this is a special event, the admission is a little higher than usual, the charge for members is $15.00 and nonmembers is $18.00. To be collected at the museum, It will definitely be worth it. ask anyone who was there for the first tour. We can have up to 20 people. DOORS OPEN AT 6:15 THE TOUR IS AT 7:00. PLEASE RSVP ONLY IF YOU CONSIDER YOUR RSVP A COMMITMENT TO SHOW UP. LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS ARE A DRAG AND NOT FAIR TO THE GROUP OR THE VENUE. We had an excellent turn out for the first tour I hope to see the same this time. VILLAGE WARDROBES: TRADITIONAL DRESS FROM WESTERN AND CENTRAL UKRAINE This exhibit provides a fascinating overview of traditional clothing from ten different ethnographic regions in Ukraine. Dating from the late 19th to the mid-20th century, the folk dress on display gives a glimpse into Ukraine’s rich regional clothing traditions. The exhibition highlights the remarkable variety of Ukrainian ethnic attire and the outstanding quality and detail of these homemade garments. An important part of the exhibition is a unique selection of costume accessories including period jewelry, belts, shoes, bags, head coverings, and more, displayed together with the outfits. Parking is allowed on the street and in the church parking lot directly across from the museum. Posted: 8/3/20

  • Private tour of New Exhibits @ The Museum of Russian Art

    The Museum of Russian Art

    In all the years I've been associated with TMORA I can't remember a time when we have had 4 separate exhibits at the same time that have attracted so much positive attention and reaction. Admission fees were recently increased, the fee for this tour is $13. for those 65 and above, $15. for under 65 and $3. for TMORA members. (this includes $3.00 for Meetup support.) We will collect the payment from each person and will make one payment for the group, this makes it a whole lot easier for the person behind the desk. Please plan to arrive by 11:45 so we can start the tour promptly at noon. There is a limit of 20 people for this tour. Parking is allowed in the Mayflower Church parking directly across from the museum. Due to time constraints, it will be impossible to cover all the art, so please make it a point to plan on spending extra time to cover the work that was not covered on our tour. Meet in the lobby, look for our sign. SOVIET POSTERS FROM TMORA COLLECTION In the main gallery, there is an exhibit of Soviet-era posters from the museum's collection. Poster art became one of the primary means of state propaganda in Soviet Russia after the 1917 revolution. It is important to look at the posters not only for the propaganda message but pay attention to how the artistic styles changed as the political climate changed. Early Soviet posters are remarkable for their bold aesthetics, angled viewpoints, a penchant for geometric shapes, shifts in scale, abundant use of photography and ingenious placement of scripts. While retaining some of the innovations of Soviet Constructivist works, posters of the later periods employed a range of artistic means, including the state-endorsed Socialist Realist style. Perestroika posters, posters with social messages and theater announcements are also included in the display. My favorite message from an anti-alcohol poster is "indulge in pastries, not alcohol." See if you can find it. AFTER THE EXPLOSION: DOCUMENTING CHERNOBYL In the Fireside Room, the exhibition After the Explosion: Documenting Chernobyl presents a unique collection of photographs of the cleanup of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, through the eyes of a participant. The images originate from the archive of Major General Nikolai Tarakanov who oversaw the removal of highly-radioactive elements from the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. Nikolai Tarakanov became a character in the recent HBO series, played by Ralph Ineson. Taken in[masked] by a member of General Tarakanov’s staff, these old photographs render the immediacy of the disaster palpable. They present soldiers cleaning the debris, the machinery used, cleaners wearing protective gear, local inhabitants outside their houses, and more. MYSTICAL IMPRINTS: MARC CHAGALL, BEN-ZION, AND BEN SHAHN Mystical Imprints: Marc Chagall, Ben-Zion, and Ben Shahn present the print work of three prominent 20th-century Jewish artists born in the Russian Empire. Among these seventy pieces are etchings and lithographs from Chagall’s Bible series, Ben-Zion’s full 1980 portfolio The 36 Unknown, Shahn’s iconic The Alphabet of Creation, and more. Organized in partnership with the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) at Saint John’s University, the exhibition draws on HMML’s remarkable collection of works on paper. Most of the works in Mystical Imprints have never been exhibited by HMML before. The tradition of Jewish mysticism as an inspiration for these artists is at the center of the exhibition, from Ben-Zion’s suffering prophets to Shahn’s Kabbalah influences, to Chagall’s dreamlike images. VILLAGE WARDROBES: TRADITIONAL DRESS FROM WESTERN AND CENTRAL UKRAINE Because our group has had private tours of this remarkable exhibit, we will focus our tour on the three new exhibits. If you haven't had the opportunity, I encourage you to plan to take time to see it. The exhibit closes on November 3rd. Posted 9/20/20

  • Christmas Tour @ the Alexander Ramsey House

    Alexander Ramsey House

    PLEASE READ THE FULL ANNOUNCEMENT Once again our friends at the Alexander Ramsey House have invited our group to help them preview the Christmas tour and help with the training of the new staff. We have done this for at least four years, and our group has enjoyed the tour very much and found the staff well prepared and very happy to have our feedback. If you haven’t joined us at the Ramsey House for this event or any of our other visits, I know you will find it a fun and interesting experience. Here’s how it works, as we tour the house, costumed characters in each of the rooms share personal stories of how the Ramsey’s and Victorians celebrated the holiday season. We’ll hear stories from the families personal journals and letters as well as information discovered by the docents themselves. If climbing stairs is a problem I want to let you know that THERE ARE THREE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS AND NO ELEVATOR. Because the tours haven’t officially started yet, the house won’t be completely decorated, they are offering us a special price of $7.00 per person. FYI, MHS memberships do not apply to private tours. We will collect the payment from each person and will make one payment for the group. Please bring cash. The Carriage House where we gather is also the gift shop, they have a really beautiful selection of gifts ranging from everything from jewelry and holiday decorations to books for sale. Please sign up for only one time and please, please, please, take a minute to update your RSVP if your plans change and keep in mind that they are counting on us to show up if you sign up, so don’t be a no-show. I will need to give them a count, so they can know how many to expect. When you RSVP, please indicate in the comment section what time you would like to tour. We can have up to 15 people per group. The times are 6:30, 7:00 and 7:15. PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE AT LEAST 10 MINUTES BEFORE THE TOUR TIME YOU SELECT. Due to the fact that each group is limited to 15 people. I am setting a limit of 1 guest for anyone wishing to bring a guest. WHEN YOU RSVP, POST A COMMENT TO LET ME KNOW WHAT TOUR TIME YOU PREFER. Free parking is available in the Ramsey House lot next to the Carriage House, If there is a parking lot attendant collecting fees, just let him know that you are attending an event at the Ramsey House and you will not have to pay. On occasion, people try to park there for Wild games, if someone is trying to collect a payment for parking, let them know you are there for a Ramsey House event, you will not have to pay. In the past, some people have mistakenly parked in a pay lot down the street, if you’re driving down Exchange, drive past the Ramsey House, take the first right turn, you’ll see the parking lot. Those interested may want to gather at Burger Moes or another local restaurant after our tours. POSTED: 9/13/2019