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This Meetup group is for those wanting to improve their songwriting, playing, and collaboration musical techniques as well as provide an avenue for local musicians to network, recruit, and jam. Open for musicians, songwriters, and producers of all experience levels in the Houston and surrounding areas.

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Musicians who like to teach and have extensive band experience

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Looking for musicians who like to teach their instruments and how to play in a band. We would play as a paid band, but, unlike most bands, your primary revenue will be your students tuitions acquired. If you can teach well, students' tuition will far exceed the gig pay.

In addition to expertise with instrument and band experience, applicant must have weekend evening time available (as little as monthly) for band gig, and have time available to teach. If you're schedule is too busy to teach or you don't like to teach, this won't be able to pay well enough to make it worth your time.

Types of instruments: any instrument that can be used in a live band, preferably a bar band or jazz ensemble. Obviously, guitar, bass, drum, sax, voice, and your imagination!

If interested, please RSVP here listing your instrument, and Chen, Organizer, will email you. (For those new to Meetup-- please read your Meetup emails if you RSVP here). Thanks!

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Meanwhile, please start posting below as to who or what you're wanting to meet at this group? Chen will post first to get things started. Note that posting space is limited, so you may want to post carefully.


I'm looking for three things--2 are listed as events (duet and instructors' band). The third is.... I'm a decent singer-entertainer and am interested further interested in improving my chosen guitar style-- finger picking electric with some slide. Using a Line6 VariAx modulating guitar with Fender GDEC30 modulating amp. These modulating devices create the sounds that enable me to fingerpick electric. I'm looking for fellow musicians to work with me further on developing these. So-- I supply versatile voice and guitar. How might you help out?

Know of places who want musicians?
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Needs a location

Know of places who want musicians to jam there? Describe how difficult it would be to persuade its owners to accept jam musicians.

For example, Hermann Park, the

Sing and Play Practice for Holiday Songs
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Calling all singers and instrumentalists.

We'll be practicing holiday songs at the Perfect Latte. Bring your voice and instruments. Lyrics and guitar chords will be displayed on projector screen.

This is a beta practice session for the upcoming holidays seasons, when we'll have these regularly.

This is a beta, 1 hour, session. During the holidays, these will become 2 to 3 hour sessions!

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