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What we’re about

This is a group for mostly amateur and semi-amateur musicians of all sorts who want to meet other musicians and like-minded people in general, who want to play and sing together and improve their skills. If you play an instrument or sing you are welcome to join.

This group might be interesting for you if you:
• are looking for other musicians to meet
• want to talk about music, music making, bands, gear, etc
• are looking for somebody you can play with
• want to start a band

• want to share your knowledge and experience with others

The goal of the meetup is to connect musicians so they can play, start projects together, or even find a band. We occasionally organize meetups at public jam sessions where everyone is welcome to join. Other meetups might be social in nature, so we can meet and share some drinks.

During the warmer seasons, we often have campfire-like sessions in one of the Munich parks. We will meet, find a spot, and try to play and sing some songs together. To make this a bit easier, we created two Google sheets with songs for further reference:

This one contains well known songs that Pung or I can play. Since either one of us will usually be there, this is a good starting point.

This one is free to edit for everyone. You can put in song proposals or simply the songs that you can play. Others can then have a look and compare the list to their own repertoire.

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