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Redefining Fast Big Data with NoSQL and Flash SSDs

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Brian Bulkowski, Founder & CTO, Aerospike
Free beer, soda, desserts and swag!

A Database Month event:

2013 is the year of Fast Big Data. Unprecedented volumes of structured and unstructured data are being generated at high velocity via sensors, RFID chips, and Web / social / mobile interactions. Today's new generation of high value consumer-facing applications lies in real-time responses based on what users are doing now. Increasingly, the developers of these applications are turning to a combination of SSD storage and NoSQL databases to deliver highly relevant, high-value data and actionable insights in milliseconds.

Aerospike CTO and co-founder, Brian Bulkowski, will examine this emerging generation of fast big data applications, the demands these apps place on databases and data storage, and recent architectural developments in NoSQL database and SSD storage technologies to address these demands.

Brian Bulkowski, Founder & CTO, Aerospike

Brian Bulkowski, Founder and CTO of Aerospike ( Inc., leads development of the Aerospike flash-native NoSQL database and has developed the open source Aerospike Certification Tool, which enables companies to benchmark how well solid-state drives (SSDs) process database transactions.

Brian has 20-plus years experience designing, developing and tuning networking systems and high-performance Web-scale infrastructures. He founded Aerospike after learning first hand, the scaling limitations of sharded MySQL systems at Aggregate Knowledge. As director of performance at this media intelligence SaaS company, Brian led the team in building and operating a clustered recommendation engine.

Prior to Aggregate Knowledge, Brian was a founding member of the digital TV team at Navio Communications and chief architect of Cable Solutions at Liberate Technologies where he built the high-performance embedded networking stack and the Internet-scale broadcast server infrastructure. Before Liberate, Brian was a lead engineer at Novell, where he was responsible for the AppleTalk stack for Netware 3 and 4.

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