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🔥 APPLE! Using a Workplace Innovation Platform to Create SQL Data-Driven Apps
• Free caviar & cheeses, beer, swag giveaways PLUS win a Bose Bluetooth Speaker! • Ronnie Rios, Sr. Engineer, Apple FileMaker • Mia Roop, Partner Manager, Apple FileMaker • A Database Month event Come and enjoy this eye-opening presentation where you will learn how a workplace innovation platform can help capture data and get it into the hands of users via powerful rapid application development tools that enable you to quickly create and deploy custom interactive apps for mobile, web and desktop that give users access to existing SQL data sets. These tools that combine data, logic and UI layers are quickly becoming a key component of IT initiatives to accelerate application development and delivery of enterprise and departmental data. You will also learn how Workplace Innovation Platforms can help you fill the gap between appliance apps and enterprise systems. ••• Ronnie Rios, Sr. Engineer, Apple FileMaker ••• Ronnie Rios is a Senior Consulting Engineer at Apple-subsidiary FileMaker (, Inc. with over 20 years of experience in consulting and database software solutions development. More than five of those years have been spent working at Apple, providing pre- and post-sales technical assistance to customers, developing internal systems and reporting tools, and ultimately growing into technology coordinator and consultant roles with the business team. Ronnie holds a master's degree in business, several Apple certifications and is also fluent in Spanish. ••• Mia Roop, Partner Manager, Apple FileMaker ••• Mia Roop, Partner Manager at FileMaker, has been working at high tech firms for over 30+ years including Lotus, Symantec, Nuance and Software Publishing. • Swag giveaway + food/drinks at 6:30pm • Power-Networking at 6:35pm • Presentation starts at 6:40pm This event will take place at Lair East Labs (, a startup accelerator in New York City that accelerates technology startups that harness the power of data and artificial intelligence to enhance consumer experience worldwide. They are looking to speak to founders and technologists who are interested in receiving capital investments for their startups and applying to their accelerator for their upcoming Winter Batch (January-March 2019)! •••> Can you help a foster-kid who is living without any parents or family and needs you? Learn how you can help now at

Lair East Labs

424 Broadway (6th Floor, Suite 602) · New York, ny

What we're about

The NYC NoSQL & NewSQL Group
(formerly known as The NYC MySQL Group)
is the world’s largest database Meetup!

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HD-Video of our previous events is regularly posted to our YouTube channel and published to the Database Month website

Learn amazing new data tech from technology creators, founders & tech execs CEO / CTO / CIO / VP.

All of our presentations are geared for a general-audience of people interested in database technologies; many events go into deep-tech but always include prerequisite knowledge so that all attendees (beginners to advanced) can expect to be able to grasp the concepts and leave much more knowledgeable.

SQL NYC is the world's largest database community on Meetup, focusing on NoSQL, NewSQL & Big Data.

Prior speakers have included:
- Creator of MySQL
- Both founders, CEO and CTO, of MongoDB
- Inventor of PHP
- Chief Technical Officer of the City of New York
- Founder of Microsoft Azure DocumentDB
- CEO of Couchbase
...and the list goes on...

About our SQL NYC community, written by Edward Oates:
(Ed Oates co-founded Oracle Corporation with Larry Ellison)

Data is at the center of our technological revolution: acquiring it, accessing it, searching it, analyzing it, and securing it. Nearly everything else we do is to provide a user friendly window for those activities.

Gathering to learn about data management and security is a vital activity to motivate the innovators who will sustain our technological progress and who will make the break through inventions that advance us by leaps rather than steps.

Database Month Festival (
To remain cutting-edge, we host the biannual Database Month ( festival, focusing on:


NoSQL including MongoDB, Couchbase, Aerospike, CouchDB, Redis, Riak, Cloudant

NewSQL such as NuoDB, VoltDB, MemSQL

MySQL forks & alternatives like Clustrix, MariaDB, Percona, Drizzle

Big data technologies like Hadoop, Cassandra, MarkLogic, HPCC

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