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The NYC NoSQL & NewSQL Group
(formerly known as The NYC MySQL Group)
is the world’s largest database Meetup!

Official URL: http://www.NYCSQL.com

HD-Video of our previous events is regularly posted to our YouTube channel http://goo.gl/Y0MHCL and published to the Database Month website http://www.DBMonth.com


Learn amazing new data tech from technology creators, founders & tech execs CEO / CTO / CIO / VP.

All of our presentations are geared for a general-audience of people interested in database technologies; many events go into deep-tech but always include prerequisite knowledge so that all attendees (beginners to advanced) can expect to be able to grasp the concepts and leave much more knowledgeable.

SQL NYC is the world's largest database community on Meetup, focusing on NoSQL, NewSQL & Big Data.

Prior speakers have included:
- Creator of MySQL
- Both founders, CEO and CTO, of MongoDB
- Inventor of PHP
- Chief Technical Officer of the City of New York
- Founder of Microsoft Azure DocumentDB
- CEO of Couchbase
...and the list goes on...

About our SQL NYC community, written by Edward Oates:
(Ed Oates co-founded Oracle Corporation with Larry Ellison)

Data is at the center of our technological revolution: acquiring it, accessing it, searching it, analyzing it, and securing it. Nearly everything else we do is to provide a user friendly window for those activities.

Gathering to learn about data management and security is a vital activity to motivate the innovators who will sustain our technological progress and who will make the break through inventions that advance us by leaps rather than steps.

Database Month Festival (http://www.DatabaseMonth.com)
To remain cutting-edge, we host the biannual Database Month (http://www.DBMonth.com) festival, focusing on:


NoSQL including MongoDB, Couchbase, Aerospike, CouchDB, Redis, Riak, Cloudant

NewSQL such as NuoDB, VoltDB, MemSQL

MySQL forks & alternatives like Clustrix, MariaDB, Percona, Drizzle

Big data technologies like Hadoop, Cassandra, MarkLogic, HPCC

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Techie Youth (http://www.TechieYouth.org) is a 501c3 not-for-profit charity of NYC that provides technology-education, followed by assistance beginning an IT-career, to at-risk youth in NYC & Long Island who are in foster-care and classified as being severely-at-risk of becoming homeless and/or incarcerated in the next 18-24 months.

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Upcoming events (5+)

PostgreSQL 🐘 Hyperconverged DBMS that Fully-Virtualizes Database Management

• Free champagne, caviar, cheese & chocolate + freebie swag! • Simon Riggs, Founder & CTO, 2ndQuadrant • A Database Month event http://www.DBMonth.com/database/postgresql-12 PostgreSQL contains everything needed for managing each type of data in your application. This presentation will review all of the different aspects of PostgreSQL data management including: • Geographic information system (GIS) • Full text search • Relational data • Unstructured JSON data • Non-relational (a.k.a. NoSQL) data formats such as: •◦• Graph database •◦• Document storage •◦• Time series data •◦• Key/value pairs (K/V) •◦• ...and more Hyperconvergence virtualizes all of the elements of conventional hardware-defined systems into virtual implementations within software or the hypervisor. By having all elements implemented in the hypervisor software context, management of all resources can be federated across all instances of a hyper-converged infrastructure. Simon will highlight how the hyperconvergence of PostgreSQL provides the flexibility and adaptability to handle all types of use data cases, and how hyperconvergenced Postgres can be the best fit for your project. ••• Simon Riggs, Founder & CTO, 2ndQuadrant ••• Simon Riggs is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of 2ndQuadrant. He is also a major developer and code committer of the PostgreSQL project and has contributed major features in each of the last 8 versions of PostgreSQL. Simon has worked as a Database Architect for more than 25 years, with high-end solutions experience and certifications on Oracle, Teradata and DB2. • Swag giveaway + food/drinks at 6:30pm • Power-Networking at 6:35pm • Presentation starts at 6:40pm •••> You can utilize technology to help a foster-child without parents or family redirect their lives! Learn how now: https://www.TechieYouth.org

🐿️ Stream Processing Beyond Streaming with Apache Flink, by Co-Creator of Flink

Adelante Studios, 3rd Floor, Studio 6+7

••• Stream Processing Beyond Streaming with Apache Flink ••• presented by Stephan Ewen, Co-Creator of Apache Flink and CTO & Co-Founder, Ververica (formerly data Artisans) 🐿️ Free swag, fun hard drinks, caviar, cheeses & indulgent foods! 🐿️ A Database Month event http://www.DBMonth.com/database/apache-flink In this fun-filled event, we will take a look at the latest developments in stream processing from the view of Apache Flink, and discuss how stream processing is outgrowing its original space of real-time data processing. Stream processing is rapidly maturing into a technology for enabling new approaches to general data processing with use cases that include batch processing, real-time applications and distributed transactions. We will discuss how Flink implements its approach to "stream processing beyond streaming" and illustrate it by example, demonstrating streaming SQL in Apache Flink, showing how ANSI SQL works across batch and streaming use cases including features such as temporal joins and complex event processing that help make typical applications easier to model. This is a new approach to distributed transactions that makes it possible to use stream processing for fast cross-shard transactions with ACID serializability. We will also discuss real-world use-cases of companies that are applying this broader streaming paradigm in practice. Finally, we will discuss the latest features of Apache Flink, as well as the current roadmap and upcoming features such as building a unified batch/streaming machine learning library. We will also cover how Apache Flink is building the world's first true streaming runtime that will compete at batch processing with the best current batch processor packages. ••• Stephan Ewen, Co-Creator of Apache Flink and CTO & Co-Founder, Ververica (formerly data Artisans) ••• Stephan Ewen is an Apache PMC member and one of the original creators of Apache Flink, and Co-Founder of Ververica (formerly data Artisans) Within the Apache Flink community, Stephan works on the overall vision of a unified approach to batch processing, stream processing, and event-driven applications, including runtime, APIs, and new approaches to fault tolerance and transactional consistency. Previously he worked at IBM and Microsoft on data processing technologies. Stephan holds a Ph.D. from the Berlin University of Technology. • Swag giveaway + food/drinks at 6:30pm • Power-Networking at 6:35pm • Presentation starts at 6:40pm •••> You can utilize technology to help a foster-child without parents or family redirect their lives! Learn how now: https://www.TechieYouth.org

⏩ Accelerate Your Data Infrastructure With A Distributed Architecture Platform

• Free wine, beer and pizza, plus swag freebies! • Sourabh Mehta, Master Data Solutions Architect, MemSQL • A Database Month event http://www.DBMonth.com/database/fastest-database In this fun-filled presentation and demo, you will learn how to accelerate your data infrastructure through simplification and modernization to be more competitive and improve the customer experience. We will do a technical deep dive into the distributed architecture of MemSQL, and follow it with a real-world demo of a live financial services application. ••• Live Financial Services Demo ••• Customers and portfolio managers have expectations when interacting with their assets and positions, particularly while the market is active. In this live demo, we will showcase the performance of a converged database and data warehouse platform by simulating a surge in market activity through thousands of streaming stock events while simultaneously analyzing current and historical stock performance using a scalable SQL database system. ••• Sourabh Mehta, Master Data Solutions Architect, MemSQL ••• Sourabh Mehta is an Architect with MemSQL. He has build solutions for MemSQL customers in banking, capital markets and insurance in the tri-state area. Prior to MemSQL, Sourabh worked at HPE and SAP where he supported their database and technology suite of products. • Swag giveaway + food/drinks at 6:30pm • Power-Networking at 6:35pm • Presentation starts at 6:40pm •••> You can utilize technology to help a foster-child without parents or family redirect their lives! Learn how now: https://www.TechieYouth.org

🧠 O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference (DISCOUNT PASSES!)

Come and get an insiders perspective on where AI is going and how you can apply it in your work today at the AI Conference in New York! Register now at: https://oreil.ly/2Tf7X9c Discount code: SQLNYC Every year the brightest minds in AI gather to share best practices, hear the most intriguing case studies, and dive deep into the latest technologies that will take their AI into production. Faster, specialized hardware for sensing, model training, and model inference is being developed as well as partial automation solutions. Things that might have seemed impossible last year may well be within reach, even easy, this year! Tools are now available on the cloud and on-premise for building AI applications online and on the edge (including mobile). See these tools at the AI Conference and get tips on how to seamlessly apply them in your organization. Plus learn about new architectures and pipelines, best practices, ethics and security guidelines. Deep-dive into training courses and hear from an amazing lineup of speakers from: ► Dow Jones ► Google ► Amazon/AWS ► BuzzFeed ► IBM Watson ► Twitter ► Bloomberg ► Cisco ► Alibaba ► Stripe ► Intel ► SAS ► Salesforce ► MapR ► American Express ► SAP ► Github ► Netflix ► Intuit ► JP Morgan Chase ► Facebook ► ...and many more! The AI Conference often sells out; reserve your spot NOW at https://oreil.ly/2Tf7X9c Passes start at $956 when you use the discount code: SQLNYC Topics to be covered include: ► GPU acceleration ► Kubernetes ► Neural architecture ► Natural language processing (NLP) ► Machine learning (LOTS of related topics!) ► Virtual data science ► AI for social good ► Agile continuous improvement with AI ► Deep learning ► ML implementations in finance ► Bayesian networks ► Quantum machine learning ► Automation ► AI to improve medical/healthcare outcomes ► Interactive digital actors ► Ethics, privacy and responsibilities of AI ► AI gaming engines ► ...and lots more! Reserve your spot NOW: https://oreil.ly/2Tf7X9c Reduced prices with code: SQLNYC

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