• ❗VIRTUAL-EVENT❗ Postgres Data Recovery Tools: How to Get Back What You Deleted

    ► Lots of free swag giveaways plus one lucky winner will win a raffle prize! ► VIRTUAL EVENT! Participate from home! ► Martin Marques, Head of Support Operations, 2ndQuadrant REQUIRED to attend -> register on Zoom now while there is still space: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0kcO2oqzorH9SPhb4F1L8kxdv0hOfwMct0 Have you ever accidentally deleted important data? Imagine a junior, or even not-so-junior, DBA drops an important table from what he thought was the development server, but was actually the production environment! Perhaps there is a code-bug that keeps chewing your data down the drain. If you did your homework then you do not have to worry (or at least not worry too much.) This presentation will teach you about the disaster recovery options available with Postgres. We will cover solutions from delayed replicas to Point-In-Time Recovery, showing different ways to recover to specific instances. We will go over several disaster scenarios and see how backup and recover tools like 'barman' can help get your business back up and running. ► Martin Marques, Head of Support Operations, 2ndQuadrant ◄ Martin Marques is the head of support operations for 2ndQuadrant (https://www.2ndquadrant.com) and has been working there for 7-years, originally starting as a senior support engineer. Martin started in the late-1990s as a System Administrator, and has been working as a DBA since 2000, mostly with PostgreSQL. Open Source Software has always excited him :) Martin is actively involved in the local PostgreSQL community and has delivered PostgreSQL training courses for several governmental agencies in Argentina that were adopting PostgreSQL. Register on Zoom NOW to be able to attend: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0kcO2oqzorH9SPhb4F1L8kxdv0hOfwMct0 • Virtual Power-Networking at 6:30pm • Freebie swag giveaway at 6:35pm • Presentation starts at 6:40pm • A Database Month event http://www.DBMonth.com/database/postgres-recovery •••► Please help foster kids without parents learn to be financially-independent IT professionals - learn how now at https://www.TechieYouth.org