Big Data, NoSQL, Now What?


Ken Krupa, Chief Field Architect, MarkLogic Corporation
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A Database Month event:

Big Data technologies are evolving to suit the needs of real-time analytics for 2013 and beyond. During this interactive discussion we will explore this evolution starting with a brief recap on Hadoop and related technologies, how NoSQL technologies fit in the Big Data landscape and where things can/should go from here. Of course, this dialogue would not be complete without discussing the new and changing roles in IT, what IT managers should know vs developer/architect concerns. At the conclusion of this discussion, attendees will take away:

A greater understanding/vision of how NoSQL technologies fit into the Big Data Landscape How and why Big Data will need to provide for real-time analytics Insights on the evolution of IT roles and the relationship between managers and developers/architect Target audiences are IT managers, architects and developers looking for a holistic view of emerging trends. Ken Krupa, Chief Field Architect, MarkLogic Corporation

With 24 years of professional IT experience, Mr. Krupa has a unique breadth and depth of expertise within nearly all aspects of IT architecture.

Prior to joining MarkLogic (, Ken consulted at some of the largest North American Financial institutions during difficult economic times, advising senior and C-level executives. Prior to that, he consulted with Sun Microsystems as a direct partner and also served as Chief Architect of GFI Group, a Wall St. inter-dealer brokerage.

Although his work primarily involves high-level technology strategy, Mr. Krupa remains an active hands-on engineer. In 2005, Ken was awarded patent #6,915,304 - "System and method for converting an XML data structure into a relational database."

Today Ken continues to pursue both individual and community-based engineering activities. Current intellectual pursuits involve community science as well as the study of applying purely declarative, rules-based logic frameworks to complex business and IT problems. Mr. Krupa holds a B.S.C.S from the State University of New York, Albany.

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A Database Month event: (