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Creator of MySQL: MySQL's Little Sister, MariaDB - Drop-In Replacement for MySQL

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Monty Widenius, Founder & Creator of MySQL & CTO of MariaDB
Free beer, pizza, swag & shots of BLACK VODKA!
Co-sponsored by AppNexus' Engineering@Scale

A Database Month event:

This presentation by Monty Widenius, father of the MySQL & MariaDB databases, will cover:

Brief intro - the MySQL/MariaDB story MariaDB new features (that are not in MySQL) Comparisions to MySQL MariaDB and NoSQL What we are working on just now in MariaDB Why MariaDB is guaranteed to be free How you can be part of developing MariaDB Monty Widenius, Founder & Creator of MySQL & CTO of MariaDB

Michael "Monty" Widenius is the Founder and Original Developer of MySQL, the world's most popular open source database.

Monty has worked on the MySQL codebase since 1981. At least 60% of the MySQL code is still his.

He is a MySQL Fellow and also the Founder and CEO of Monty Program Ab that is developing MariaDB (, the new community-developed branch of MySQL.

(Doors-open at 6:15pm)
Swag giveaway at 6:30pm
Power-Networking at 6:40pm
Presentation starts at 6:45pm

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A Database Month event:
28 West 23rd Street · New York, NY
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