Data at Scale: A Tale of MongoDB, Riak, Redis, Memcached...


Mark Uhrmacher, Founding-CTO of Ideeli
Free beer/sodas, desserts & swag!

A Database Month event:

Today's technology environment provides us with a variety of tools like MongoDB, Riak, Redis, Memcached, etc. that can help us solve fabulously interesting and difficult problems. However, many of the new tools at our disposal are poorly understood, and frequently misapplied.

This talk is will provide examples of some hard data problems, from "Flash Sale" eCommerce and AdTech, and how these tools were applied to solve them.

Mark Uhrmacher, Founding-CTO of Ideeli
Mark Uhrmacher, an MIT grad, started his career at Oracle working on interactive television in NorCal. Not long afterward he caught the startup bug in the very early phases of AdTech at NetGravity and later became the VP of Technology at DoubleClick.

After a brief stint in the food industry Mark co-founded Ideeli, the flash sale website, and served as CTO for six years growing from a two-person company to 250.

Since resigning from Ideeli in Oct-2012, Mark has been consulting for a variety of organizations on technology strategy and architecture. Throughout his career he's found himself tackling a variety of data processing that, due to size, scale, or value, deviate from the norms of the time.

Swag giveaway at 6:30pm
Power-Networking at 6:40pm
Presentation starts at 6:45pm

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A Database Month event: