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Open-Source Database as a Service Platform (Free hot-food, beer, soda & swag!)

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Free hot-food, beer, soda & swag!

Amrith Kumar, Founder & CTO, Tesora
Damion Hankejh, Partner & CTO, Majestyk Apps

A Database Month event

This session will introduce Trove, the OpenStack database as a service platform project.

Amrith Kumar will dive into an architectural overview of the Trove project and how to architect and deliver a database as a service platform that can quickly provision and scale database capacity on demand.

Trove is an open source project in OpenStack that delivers highly scalable, available database as a service for MySQL, MongoDB and more.

Amrith Kumar, Founder & CTO, Tesora Amrith Kumar is a founder and the chief technology officer of Tesora (, the company simplifying the delivery of a database as a service platform for OpenStack.

Amrith brings over two decades of experience delivering industry- leading products for companies specializing in enterprise storage applications, fault tolerant high performance systems and massively parallel databases. He also holds 4 patents.

Most recently, he served as vice president of technology and product management at Dataupia, a maker of the Satori Data Warehousing platform. Prior to Dataupia, Amrith served as director and general manager at Sepaton, where he was responsible for the development of the core VTL product.

Earlier, as a director of product development at Netezza, he managed end-to-end product delivery for all customers and prospects. Amrith studied Mathematics at the University of Madras (India), and management at the Indian Institute of Management, (IIM-Ahmedabad).

Damion Hankejh, Partner & CTO, Majestyk Apps Damion Hankejh is a partner and the chief technology officer at Majestyk Apps (, a premier full service software development agency in the heart of New York City with a specialization in massively scalable mobile apps. From rapidly growing VC backed startups to Fortune 100 corporations, Majestyk's clients depend on their passion for excellence and top tier talent in design, development and digital strategy.

Damion also serves alongside Bing inventor, Lorenzo Thione, as founder of Ingk Labs ( | IP Rescue -- resurrecting underleveraged, dormant intellectual property from the portfolios of the largest venture capital firms -- rapidly moving it from concept to company and forming fully functioning, capitalized Ingk portfolio ventures that demonstrate market disruption potential.

Damion invented customer service for the Internet before IBM coined the term eCommerce. Under his direction, InstantService ( deployed the first and largest carrier-class Internet telecommunications platform for live agent customer service (acquired by Oracle in a $1 billion roll-up, now Oracle Live Help).

Hankejh was honored as a Smithsonian Laureate for his work as CTO of another Ingk spinout, Virtual Operating Room (now Swedish Medical), a pioneer at the nexus of medicine and robotics, which set the stage for the first fully accredited virtual operating rooms worldwide.

Earlier, as a 15-year old, Damion worked with Hewlett-Packard's senior research and development lab implementing Adobe PostScript in HP laser printers. He later studied computer engineering at MIT with a focus on massively parallel architectures and machine intelligence.

Swag giveaway + food/beer at 6:30pm
Power-Networking at 6:35pm
Presentation starts at 6:45pm

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