Cassandra vs Apache 🔥Ignite for HTAP Hybrid Transactional Analytical Processing


• Free beer/drinks, delicious snacks, freebies and lots more!

• Denis Magda, Vice President of Apache Ignite PMC & Director of Product Management at GridGain

• A Database Month event

Join Denis Magda, Vice President of Apache Ignite PM and director of product management at GridGain, to learn the current best-practices for HTAP along with the differences between Apache Cassandra and Apache Ignite, two of the most-common technologies utilized for Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing.

This fun-filled presentation will cover:
• A detailed comparison of Apache Ignite and Apache Cassandra for HTAP
• The requirements of running real-time, high volume HTAP
• Architectural best practices, such as how to use in-memory computing to eliminate trade-offs between consistency, speed and scale

Over the last decade, traditional database technologies have been pushed beyond their limits to keep up with the 10x growth of transaction-volumes and 50x growth in data-volumes, combined with the drive for real-time visibility and responsiveness. Currently, your only choices are to either buy expensive hardware in an effort to accelerate the wrong architecture, or do what other companies have started to do, utilize technologies designed for modern hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP.)

••• Denis Magda, Vice President of Apache Ignite PMC & Director of Product Management at GridGain •••

Denis Magda is a fierce open source fanatic who started his journey at Sun Microsystems as an open source ambassador. He is presently working at the Apache Software Foundation where he holds the role of Vice President of Apache Ignite PMC.

Denis is an expert in distributed systems and platforms, and is an active contributor to Apache Ignite, helping companies and individuals deploy it for mission-critical applications.

Denis frequents conferences, workshops and other events to share his knowledge about best practices as well as implementation tricks to build efficient applications using in-memory data grids, distributed databases and in-memory computing platforms, focusing on Apache Ignite and GridGain.

Apart from his open source pursuits, Denis is the Director of Product Management at GridGain Systems.

Before joining GridGain, Denis worked for Oracle where he led the Java ME Embedded Porting Team, helping bring Java to IoT.

• Swag giveaway + food/drinks at 6:30pm
• Power-Networking at 6:35pm
• Presentation starts at 6:40pm

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