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Database Month! CEO of Scalebase: MySQL Scaling Techniques & Best Practices

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MySQL Scaling Techniques and Best Practices

A Database Month event:

Doron Levari, Founder and CEO of Scalebase (, is a long-time veteran of the database industry; Doron has extensive experience in building and scaling-out database systems as well as the organizations and infrastructure necessary to support them. Prior to founding ScaleBase, Doron help build from the ground-floor Aluna, Ltd. which eventually became one of Israel's most successful consulting firms specializing in database design and implementation. Doron led Aluna from its early stages throughout consistent growth, leading towards a successful acquisition by Matrix, Israel's largest system integrator.

Doron brings over 15 years of experience and leadership in IT, during this time, he has received multiple international awards and certifications, and is an esteemed lecturer, speaking around the globe.

Doron began his career much earlier as a DBA and System Administrator and led complex projects and large scale IT teams for some of Israel's largest organizations, including the training and instruction of database systems for the Israeli Defense Forces. Doron has an MBA degree from Heriot Watt University and a B.Sc. from Bar Ilan University.

Along with Liran Zelkha, the two have built ScaleBase from early conceptualization to bearing a first to market innovation that stands to change the world of SQL as we know it, while at the same time, preserving the very essence of its own strengths and significance.

Event video will be broadcast live over the GoChat VideoChat (! on

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Power-Networking at 6:30pm
Presentation starts at 6:45pm
137 Varick St. (near Spring St.), 8th floor · New York, NY
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