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Database Month! Akiban CTO Ori Herrnstadt, Renormalize: When SQL Meets Documents

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Renormalize: When SQL Meets Documents

A Database Month event: (

People are saying NoSQL is the only option to get decent document access, but in reality SQL can do documents too! We have developed open source technology that makes SQL so powerful that it merges with documents and easily turns any complex query execution from arduous to simple. In this presentation Ori will use multiple real client use-cases to explain the basis for the approach as well as implementation considerations.

Ori Herrnstadt is the founder and CTO of Akiban ( He has been involved in developing large scale operational database systems since his days in the Israeli Military. After experiencing similar problems of large-scale operational systems in healthcare, ERP, CRM and modern web applications, he began developing the Orthogonal Architecture. In 2009, he founded Akiban Technologies to accelerate the development of this technology.

Event video will be broadcast live over the GoChat VideoChat (! on

Swag, Swag & Swag and Kindle Fire RAFFLE
Ori will stick around after the talk to give out swag and speak more in depth about the presentation with anybody that wants to.

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Power-Networking at 6:30pm
Presentation starts at 6:45pm
137 Varick St. (near Spring St.), 8th floor · New York, NY
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