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What we’re about

Community/user group focused on WEB & RELATED TECHNOLOGIES - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript inclusive of Node.js. We meet up time to time, backed by an Email, social channels and event announcement on the 3rd Saturday of every month at iHub tech space or Andela Kenya (mostly here).


The front-end isn’t dead. Neither is it the static content place you perceive it is (if you still do). It has never been more powerful as it is today. The little attention you give it now will stir up positively great wonders for you as a developer or tech enthusiast.

Let’s begin with the release of HTTP version 2. A much faster internet for the web. Not to mention all of the Web APIs that have been released even since HTML5 was released. And recently the introduction of new web APIs being worked on by Google together with Mozilla, Opera, and Samsung cumulatively known as Progressive Web Apps.

Our Meetups typically include 2 - 4, 45-60 min (max), presentations to provide an introduction or expansive knowledge to these web technologies, crafts, and techniques to help you in building next or this :) generation web apps. Right after these presentations, we do have ample time to mingle/network to make new connections, new friends, strengthen old/existing ones and learn a thing or 2 about the tech or JavaScript ecosystem or what the meaning of life is.

Meetup topics include(but not limited to):

• HTML5 Web APIS eg. geolocation, web sockets

• Progressive Web Apps APIs such as the service workers, cache API, background sync API etc.

• Task automation with Gulp, Grunt or Webpack

• Front-end frameworks such as Angular, React, Ember, Vuejs

• Nodejs (backend JavaScript)

• Google App Engine (deploying your apps)

• NoSQL databases eg MongoDB or Google Cloud DataStore

• Working with SQL based databases using NodeJS

• HTML/CSS lessons, tips and tricks eg using Bootstrap for fast UI development

• Using Firebase as your realtime NoSQL database

• The state of web development in each year ...etc.

It's recommended you come with your laptop(we sometimes have workshops), a selfie capable phone and some clothes on (hopefully cool ones) :D. 

Of course, all our meetups are free to attend and no marketing or sales pitches are permitted.

Other channels we e-meet up all the time:

We have thriving online channels namely Slack, Telegram and WhatsApp channel/groups:

• Slack: (self-invite; email verification)

• Telegram: (auto-invite and addition)

• WhatsApp: (auto-invite and addition)

We look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you at all upcoming event.

Feel free to holla at me on twitter: @kn9ts

Or poke around my GitHub repo - same alias :)