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What we’re about

Yoganu is for men, both gay and straight who want to integrate their sexual energy into their spiritual development. Yoganu Aims To:

- Promote physical wellbeing, build strength/flexibility and detoxify the body.

- Develop a deeper relationship with yourself

- Harmonise mind, body, spirit

- Expand and deepen your personal relationships with others

Yoganu Culture

A nurturing environment where we can explore how we relate to our:

- Selves

- Bodies

- Spirituality

- Others

The basic philosophy of yoga is that we are all divine/god/light/perfection, just as we are. Yoga is the state of mind where we realise this true nature; it is the point where we truly believe it. A yoga practice is a set of disciplines/exercises to get us to this point. The disciplines/exercises which yoganu works with are: asana, meditation/kriya and pranayama.

Asana - physical yoga. postures which promote physical wellbeing; flexibility, strength, and detoxification of the body. Asana is about giving the body what it wants and preparing it for a sitting practice i.e. meditation. At yoganu we practice asana individually and with partners.

Meditation/ Kriya - exercises to still the mind, which help to de-stress from busy modern living.

Pranayama - breathing techniques which promote harmony of mind/body/spirit.

Yoganu Techniques

Asana (physical yoga), mantra, meditation, sexual energy, and tantra.

We acknowledge the role of the body, our flesh and desires in projecting us forward on our spiritual path.

Wednesdays: 7pm – 9pm


A yoga class for all levels. £20. A two hour class exploring many of the different aspects of Yoganu. There will be a focus on deepening your awareness of the physical body and how it moves through yoga postures (Asana). The class will also include energetic inquiry (Tantra) through Partner Yoga, Breathing practices (Pranayama), relaxation techniques and meditation.

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