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Saturday pick-up sessions will now have pre-assigned teams for all 22 attendees. All attendees on the "Going" list will receive a message with their designated team night prior to session. All attendees will pick-up their respective penny upon arrival to session. All attendees must arrive no later than 9:15am, otherwise their spot will be given up. For anyone on the "Waitlist", If you are not able to RSVP because the game is full then please do not show up to play, if you show up please check-in with the host upon arrival. If there are any no-shows or late attendees, only then will you be allowed to join the session. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to join the session, no exceptions.

Please respect your RSVP! If you initially RSVP and can’t attend, please edit your status to can’t attend.

Men and Women are welcome.

Keep an eye out on the event message board for updates.

Play at your own risk. Organizers are not responsible if you get injured. This is friendly pickup soccer, not the EPL. Please play accordingly.

We will try to play in the stadium. If it’s in use, we will try and play on the soccer field to the right of the stadium.

Keep an eye out on the comments board for updates.

9am at Nike Park in Naperville. Pickup soccer. Small goals, no slide tackling and no goalies.