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Bosque del Apache (shooting days 12/15-12/17)

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This event is cross-posted with our friends at Laidback Photography and Socializing group.

Do you want to shoot Bosque del Apache, but don't want to pay for unnecessary tour guide fees? This may be your best option.

Our shooting days are planned for 12/15 through 12/17. So, it is suggested that you check into your hotel on 12/14 with a check out date of 12/18. However, as this is a roll-your-own event, you could pick other days, but you'll just miss out on the group thing :)

The nearest town to most of our outings is Socorro NM. This SHOULD be where you lodge. Some of the participants are staying at the Holiday Inn Express and the Best Western. There hotels share the same parking lot, so that's where 'home base' will be. It's not a requirement that you stay at either of these locations, but we'll be launching group transportation from there.

Save the dates for a trip to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. (December 14 to December 18). This is an unguided trip (eg., you're not paying for a guide to provide location details, teaching you photography that you already know, etc). However, there will be a number of people attending who will help with those details.

You will be responsible for all your own expenses. The 'leaders' are not paid.

One of our volunteer guides:

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North Austin Pƒotographic Society (NAPƒS) Outings
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