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What we’re about

We are a peer to peer support group for people who have suffered or are suffering from Narcissistic Abuse in a love or personal relationship. We will discuss and encourage sharing of our experiences, talk about trauma bonding and how to break the cycle. Most importantly, we will share our communal experience and provide support by listening and sharing our what we've gone through so that all attendees know that they are not alone.
Please read this message carefully: Before signing up to any meeting in this group, you MUST attend a First Timers Meeting event. There are NO exceptions to this. These meetings are designed to ensure community safety and if you sign up for an Established Member event without attending one, you will be removed from that event. Before you do anything else, including signing up for an Established Members group, check out our "Events" section and sign up for a First Timers Group and attend one BEFORE you sign up for an Established Member meeting. We are very strict about this rule, so please do so as we hate to remove people from meetings and have to send a PM advising someone of this rule.
All meetings are run through Zoom. The links and passwords are reset every day. The links are all sent the morning of the meetings. You will receive your link through whatever email you use through Meetup. Please ensure you have your settings with Meetup set to receive emails as they will come in through that email. If you sign up for a meeting, please check you have received your link well before the meeting as we do not check our emails during meetings. It is your responsibility to check that you have received your link - if you haven't received it and it's before meeting time, simply send your organizer a PM and we will ensure you receive it.
Some more general rules that will be reviewed in your First Timer's Meeting:

  1. DO NOT private message moderators/organizers unless you have a question regarding the group as a whole, or you didn't receive a link to the meeting. DO NOT message us for medical, legal, or general advice, and do not contact us to vent. We understand that times are tough and this is not an easy situation to deal with, but we are all running this group on a volunteer basis, and we do not have any medical or counseling degrees. If there is an emergency please call 911, contact your local police, hospital, or physician. There is also a domestic violence hotline (800.799.SAFE) and a suicide hotline (800-273-8255) - these are free 24 hour services. We appreciate your understanding in advance.
  2. DO NOT private message other members of the group. Again, this is an exception to the rule above, but if you see someone in a meeting you'd like to reach out to, please send the organizer of that meeting a message and we will ask that person if they consent to being contacted and will pass on your info to them. If a member tells you during a meeting to reach out to them, that is OK as they have consented already. This is for the safety of our members, which we take very seriously.

We are happy you are here and hope you find this a supportive community. All of the rules are above are to ensure that you are safe and that the people you will be interacting with are validating, here for the 'right reasons', and are properly vetted. We look forward to meeting you!
Kay R., Christine, Raysa, Sarah, Nicole, & Kim