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What we’re about

This is a group for curious individuals that are interested in collaborating with other like-minded people that have passion for the DevOps Culture. This includes Technical Practitioners & IT Business Leaders involved with Digital & IT Transformation initiatives. 

Our Members include  a wide range of roles that are involved in/or around Information Technology Organizations. Everyone from: C-Levels & Executive Leaders, Change Agents, Technical Recruiters, Software Development Product Owners, Project Managers, Lines of Business Unit Stakeholders, StartUp Entrepreneurs, Educators/Students, Charitable Volunteers, Architects, Engineers, Administrators, Developers, Data Scientists, Freelancers, & General Technology Enthusiasts. 

Almost every business vertical in Nashville is represented. This includes, but not limited to: Health Care / Life Sciences, Insurance, Automotive, Financial Services / Banking, Retail, Gaming, State Government, Publishing, Entertainment, Tourism, Research, etc..

DevOps can mean something different for every organization and culture.
It's up to you to, Define YOUR outcomes and embark on your journey, to continuously improve!

In general, DevOps is a software engineering culture and practice that aims at unifying software development (Dev) and software & infrastructure operations (Ops). The main characteristic of the DevOps movement is to strongly advocate automation and monitoring at all steps of software construction. This culture focuses on agility and increasing efficiency through feedback loops, to strive for continuous improvement and enhance the end-user experience. DevOps aims to achieve shorter development cycles more rapidly, in close alignment with business objectives.

What is the purpose of the NashDevOps Group?

To create a community of collaboration for cross-functional Technology Professionals, to learn from each other, by way of sharing their experiences and curiosities. This is intended for those looking for better IT solutions and better ways to get there by sharing their lessons learned and knowledge. Those who attend should be willing to participate or observe conversations about a wide-range of topics.

Why do we do this?

To stimulate and grow the tech scene, in Nashville. Also, to understand & identify common patterns of problems to solve for; that businesses, organizations, cultures, people, process, and tool-sets, are challenged with. We encourage sharing methodologies & practices, that are being adopted and proven to be successful. Especially from the High-Tech companies based out of Silicon Valley, that have shown "the way" over the last 2 - 3 decades. 

We are finding that digital businesses or software-based companies, can be very disruptive, very quickly. In order for traditional or legacy companies to survive and have a sustainable business in the Digital-Era then, they must focus on delivering high quality software faster, than they are today...In order to combat the disruption and maintain their market share. Or, they can be a disrupter themselves, regardless of their industry vertical.

Software is Eating The World:

What is discussed at the meetings? What kinds of speakers / content are provided?

This is a Sponsored community, so that it’s free for the Members to attend. We welcome all Sponsors! They can include, but are not limited to: Technology Vendors, Tech Consulting Firms & Partners, Recruiting Agencies, & Local Businesses which have a Corp or HQ presence in Nashville, looking to attract top talent, by showing that they’re focusing on innovation.

We will likely introduce agendas for topics of conversations and have guest speakers. We format the structure and agenda differently every month. 

Topics may include Digital & IT Transformation, Cloud-Native & Agile Methodologies, Software Delivery Pipelines, Platforms, Infrastructure-as-Code, Virtualization/Containers, Automation, & Continuous Improvement.

When & where does the group meet?

Once a Month. Started at local Breweries (Black Abby & Blackstone)
Now it’s been mainly hosted and scheduled at Tech Hill Commons & The NTC.

What do attendees get out of attending events? What value do members receive from being part of the peer group?

Free Beer! & Food
Opportunities to learn more about something outside of their realm.
Career growth, Networking, Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing, Public Speaking, etc…

And...a chance to give back...

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