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A group for people interested in software development using Javascript.

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Techniques for Organizing your JavaScript/jQuery Applications - Paul Sheriff

# Techniques for Organizing your JavaScript/jQuery Applications There are many frameworks such as Angular and React that help you develop client-side applications in a very structured manner. They help you create Single Page Applications (SPA), perform data binding, and provide many other services. The purpose of this seminar is not to replace these frameworks, but to show you how you might accomplish some of those same services using JavaScript and jQuery. There are many developers that have a huge investment in JavaScript and jQuery and can’t, or maybe don’t want to, convert to these new frameworks. They may also want to create a SPA and have a nice structured approach to their jQuery applications. Learning Objectives - How to load partial HTML pages - Add custom CSS and JavaScript to partial pages - Handle the back button and the window title - Create a CRUD page

Blockchain + Node - Dave Nugent

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Structuring components in React - Laura Pinell

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