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We strive to provide beginner software developers with opportunities to strengthen mobile/web development skills, learn how to use cutting edge technologies, and get hands on experience developing solutions to real life problems. Our meet ups focus on helping beginners gain the knowledge and skillset needed to build a strong foundation as a software engineer while also providing a space to connect with others in the field.

We are looking for ideas from beginners and mentors about what topics we should cover, and if anyone is interested in presenting to let us know! Here’s a survey to fill out: https://goo.gl/forms/fhFCq387qpW0EFWF3

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LOCATION: 180 Molloy St Nashville, TN 37201 (https://goo.gl/maps/Mv5rQWnsvPM2)

PARKING: Paid parking is available right across the street from our location HERE (https://goo.gl/maps/jSPgE3naL1C2) We encourage attendees to use Lyft if they can!

FOOD: We will provide food based on RSVPs. Please only RSVP if you will be able to attend so we can get an appropriate headcount to order for.

CHECK IN: Badges will be given at the security desk on the first floor once you enter the building from Molloy St.

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Async's Not So Scary


Asynchronous functions have been around for a while, but what are they really about? It's really just a fancy term for "non-blocking code". This means you can call these functions and not worry about bogging down resources in your programs waiting for the call to return. They are particularly useful for making external service calls whose response times might be a bit unpredictable. In this talk, we will be covering the origin of asynchronous functions, the differences between implementations (Promises, .then/.catch, and async/await), and common pitfalls. We will also be covering how to use them most efficiently to get the best performance out of your applications. By the end of this talk, we hope that you will have learned enough to be able to implement these patterns in your own codebase. Don't worry if it sounds tough now. You can do it! Just remember, async's not so scary. Hailee is a Software Engineer at Asurion, where she helps work to improve usability and reliability in their applications.

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