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Organising group activities is very challenging at the moment with the threat of covid19 and a constantly changing mass of government legally binding regulations and recommendations not to mention local lockdowns putting a spanner in the works!

Whilst government regulations on exercising outdoors and meeting indoors are constantly changing the overall recommendation is to limit groups meeting outdoors to no more than six people. That hasn't changed despite what some groups are saying and with coronovirus infections continuing to rise and with the approach of winter likely to make matter worse WE think it best to take those recommendations just a bit seriously.

That's where cohort based activities come in (a concept invented by ancient Romans so it must be good). We abandon the traditional way of organising an event i.e. no designated leader, no fixed date and time but provide all of the information so a like minded group of no more than six people ( a cohort) can run the event themselves. The cohort may be just a one off for that event or may form a more lasting connection for other events.

Walking and cycling events are probably the easiest to organise in this way so we shall start by cohortising these and add a greater range of events as people get used to the concept.

People get together to form cohorts by messaging on the individual event message boards but we have supplemented this with a whatsapp chat group which is more interactive.

It will take a bit of time to get going so please have a bit of patience in thre beginning but it is system that definitely works well as we have proved with our Peak Distict group which has been operating in this way since the start of July.

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89th Annual Kinder Trespass Commemoration Walk

Bowden Bridge Car Park - Peak District NP

On 24th April 1932 around 500 walkers, mostly from Manchester, trespassed en masse and walked from Hayfield to Kinder Scout to secure access rights to open country for all to enjoy forever. After what became known as the Kinder Mass Trespass, five men were arrested and imprisoned for "riotous assembly". That right to roam for which they fought is now ours to enjoy and what better way to do it than follow in their footsteps a mere 88 years on. This is a moderately hard walk so only for those used to walking the hills. We plan to follow the route proposed by the National Trust which can be found at:- http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dark-peak/things-to-see-and-do/view-page/item615841/ In the "trespass" spirit there is no individual leader for this event so if you are competent to do so bring your own map and compass along and contribute to a group leadership to achieve the route as suggested. Meet / parking point is the Bowden Bridge P & D car park just past the Sportsman pub and near the camp site. Meet 10:15am for prompt 10:30am start. If coming by public transport we can pick you up from Hayfield or possibly Buxton and Glossop. Overall distance: 9 miles Accumulated ascent: 675m

Three Yorkshire Peaks in Three Days and 3YP Challenge Weekend

The Yorkshire Three Peaks are now a great british institution and so much fun we go back every year. This is a combination event so that members of varying levels of fitness can together enjoy the lovely Yorkshire Dales walking involved with the ascent of the Yorkshire Three Peaks of Pen y Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough. We envisage three differing groups might want to get involved in this weekend. A. Fitter walking members who've probably done the 3 Peaks Challenge before but this time want to accomplish it in LESS THAN EIGHT HOURS. That's pretty tough going although the record is less than 2.5 hours so definitely something to go for. B. Lesser superheroes who will be happy to complete the 24 mile circuit in the less than 12 hours required by the challenge. C. Some even more sensible people would like to enjoy a more leisurely pace and take in the amazing scenery around each of these three lovely hills without any deadlines at all. For these we have three separate circular routes planned covering each of the three days of our weekend. This group will in fact cover more mileage although we'll have Friday / Sunday walk options for those in the other groups as well. Accommodation goes completely mental around the Yorkshire Three Peaks in June and July so book early or you will not get a local bed. https://www.ingletonhostel.co.uk/ Or try booking.com for further options in the area. https://www.booking.com/

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