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What we’re about

Are you content with the idea that everything we experience is a part of the natural world, best understood with science, and that supposed supernatural events have natural explanations?

Do you call yourself atheist, agnostic, humanist, materialist, non-religious or perhaps not anything at all because you haven't found the right word for it?

Do you just love science and go to ancient texts only for history, literature or inspiration?

Do you make sense of the world using reason, experience and shared human values?

Do you believe that moral values are properly founded on human empathy and scientific understanding?

Do you support secular government and an open society that guarantees human rights for all?

Do you believe we must live this life on the basis that it is the only life we'll have -- that, therefore, we must make the most of it for ourselves, each other, and our world?

Are you inspired by the power and mystery found in nature?

Do you live a meaningful, ethical and fulfilling life based on compassion?

Join us on our journey to awaken the public to the wonders of nature as revealed by science in order to advance a sustainable, peaceful existence on this "pale blue dot."

PLEASE Read on  BELOW for more information about Naturalism and the Norman Naturalism Group.

If you would like a little more explanation, Naturalism is the idea that we live in one natural world and everything we experience is a part of the natural world and that the way to understand the natural world is with science. This includes the idea that supposed supernatural forces or events actually have natural explanations.

If that's how you think, then you are a Naturalist.

Basically, this is a group for those that would be called atheists, but naturalism says what you do believe in rather than what you don't believe in.

The Norman Naturalism Group serves as a source of community and support for those content with or interested in the Naturalistic worldview, those who are happy with the scientific understanding of the world around us. It may also serve as a springboard or seedbed for other activities or projects.

You can find more information on Naturalism here:

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Interview with David Wheelock about Naturalism
David Wheelock is interviewed by Damion Reinhardt of Oklahoma Atheists for the Oklahoma Atheists Godcast.
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