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Welcome to the largest Naturist Meetup Group in the world.

Naturist Association Thailand arranges meetings, events and a forum for naturists or nudists in or visiting Thailand and those that want to promote naturism worldwide.

Profile Photo Guidelines…Please follow them
Otherwise you may be removed as a member.

1. Your profile photo (1st picture) must contain you. Not a photo you have copied off the internet.
Afterwards you may upload any photos you like
2. No erection penis shots, crotch shots or pornographic photos
3. No Spread Eagle shots or where the genitals are the main focus point.
4. Images containing nudity cannot contain anyone under the age of 18.
5. We delete your membership if you picture contain only genitals,
6. If you choose not to show your face then you may NOT show your genitals.
7. All Photos are approved at the discretion of the administrator.

Common hesitations and questions to being nude with others.

Everyone will think I am there for or want sex?
Naturism/Nudism is NOT about sex, if fact we seriously express great disapproval of anyone that expects that there be sex involved. Any member that promotes or solicits others for sex will be banned. What you do in private is up to you, but in our social setting it is unthinkable, and not allowed.

Everyone will be staring at me!
If you walk down main street or through a mall nude, people certainly would. At a nudist meeting everyone is nude and it we would consider it to be rude to do that.

I'm (pick one) too fat, too skinny, my breasts are too small, my penis is small, by body is ugly, etc.
Our members are not beauty queens or Greek gods, just ordinary people like you. Naturists never make fun or ridicule another persons body. We accept that people’s bodies are different and as son as you do also you will feel better about yours.

Will people think less of me if I am a Naturist/Nudist?
Why should they? We are not going to tell anyone that you are. If anyone does then they are not your real friends as a real friend would be understanding of your feelings. One person that will think of you differently will be you. You will feel better about your body and your self image.

What if someone I know is there?
If they are at same the resort or beach, they are nude also. Now you have something else in common. And something new to share and make your friendship stronger.

What if someone finds out I'm a nudist?
We go to great lengths to protect the privacy of our members and guests. Nudism is really not anything to be ashamed of; it is practiced worldwide in many cultures. Really there are a lot of people that are nudists and don’t even know it.

What type of person is a Naturist or Nudist?
They are people just like you, like anyone you might meet on the street. They enjoy not wearing clothes except for perhaps cold weather. They are friendly and like to meet people of a similar mind. Some people actually practice naturism at home and don’t even know there are resorts, beaches and organizations dedicated to providing facilities for them.

Is Naturism/Nudism a new trend?
Not really. In fact most early cultures of the world, people bathed in rivers and lakes without clothes and with others, in some cultures including Thai, women went topless. Being nude is probably the most common condition of people. Take for example the natives of Africa or the Amazon, when scientists go and study them, they find them without clothes. Why? Because the natives don’t know about clothes and don’t know why they would need them. They don’t compare being nude with sex. Perhaps we have lost something about being humans.

Why do some people (mostly women) still keep their clothes on?
They have a difficult time getting adjusted or believing the above facts. It is also hard to change culture conditioning. In addition to the conditioning we get from advertising.

Please remember this is not a dating site.
When you enter it is like going into a room where you don't know anyone. The first thing you would do is to introduce yourself. The ONE thing you would not do when first entering is go around and say hello to all the women in the group, and try to hit on them.

Email Address - If you do not leave an email address, that is OK, but the Meetup site will delete you after 3-6 months of inactivity.

WE ARE NOT a dating site or a place for swingers.
DO NOT introduce yourself to more than 2 members at a time.
This is not a chat room.

DO NOT say hello to more than 3 members at one time!

DO NOT POST sexual photos, or anything that is considered of a sexual nature.

Thank You.

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Naked Online Saturday Chat

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Nude Yoga for all - don't be shy!

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