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What we’re about

Nature Learning Group is a Homeschooling group designed to weave together experiential play with learning about what we are encountering. The group is multi-age, whereby the older the kids are, the deeper and broader the learning materials provided to them. But the same subject will be shared by all. For instance, little ones can pick up leaves and put them in a bucket, feeling their shapes and textures. Young children can draw or paint different shape leaves. Slightly older children can match leaf shapes with their tree types and elementary age children can learn about leaf anatomy, physiology and photosynthesis. This way the learning group can adapt to siblings.
We will usually meet at the Arnold Arboretum but also visit other meeting locations in order to learn in/about other habitats such as a pond and marsh, as well as the woods.

Guidelines for participation:

1. In order to preserve the playful, respectful and educational environment of our group, please refrain from discussing topics involving age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, finances and marital status.

2. Children under 18 must have an adult guardian with them.