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What we’re about

Meet other outdoors enthusiasts who are environmentally conscious and spiritually inclined. Of course you don't have to be all three! Our main purpose is to enjoy nature, whether it is hiking, biking, camping, backpacking or bird-watching. We'll also try to do our part to protect the environment by joining clean-ups, trail maintenance, etc., Being with nature is also great for the spirit, but when we are not outdoors we'll do meditation, book-reading, etc., We'll do our own events or join the activities of Sierra Club, hiking and biking clubs, other outdoor and environmental groups and also meditation groups. I have found that enjoying nature brings me in touch with my roots as a human being and helps me to connect better with other living beings and people, without any barriers.
Disclaimer: We provide a way for meeting people with similar interests on a voluntary basis. Participants in our events are responsible for their own safety.