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Do you want to reconnect to nature in a deep and meaningful way? Do you feel like you spend way too much time inside and on screens? Nature Worx's guided, experiential, mindfulness-based saunters are the antidote to the health pitfalls that occur when we are disconnected from the natural world. Humans have spent the majority of our species' lifespan in close contact with the "more than human world"; we have just recently come inside for the majority of our days, and the majority of our population now lives in urban environments with limited access to nature.

At Nature Worx, we seek out the tremendous green spaces in Baltimore that residents can utilize to improve their body, mind and spirit by "coming home" to nature. Nature Worx's guides provide unique, introductory activities that engage all 5 senses (plus some bonus senses like sense of wonder, sense of awe, and sense of humor!) Our participants leave feeling more peaceful and balanced. Our saunters are intended for adults over 18. The activities we'll do on our walk are things that you can do anywhere, anytime, to come back to consciousness. Every breath is an exchange with the plants around you; every moving blood cell mirrors the fungal network of trees. Let us show you that you are not one person standing alone on this planet, you are a natural being deeply connected to all things! Saunter with us and see!

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Basking in the Joy of Summer

Cylburn Arboretum

Make time for yourself to simply "be" in nature, shifting from thinking mode to sensing mode. Learn simple, but profound ways to make space for yourself to breathe and savor the moments in the natural world, when we can feel connected to ourselves, and everything around us. We will gently saunter and pause frequently, using all of our senses to drop out of doing mode and into being mode.

******We are a not-for-profit organization that relies on donations to sustain our operations. We request a minimum $5 donation, which can be made at www.natureworx.org

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Savoring All that Spring Brings

Willow Grove Nature Education Center

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